Clinical Directorates

St. James's is a pilot site for the introduction of organisational change initiatives in the health service. In this context, the prime Clinical and Clinical Services at the Hospital have been organised into Clinical Directorates. These Directorates are now the basic business blocks through which core services of the Hospital are planned and delivered

DiagIm - Diagnostic Imaging  (X-Ray).

HOPE - The directorate encompasses Haematology, Medical and Radiation Oncology, National Centre for Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation and the National Centre for Hereditary Coagulation Disorders.

LabMed - This directorate encompasses Histopathology, Haematology (including Molecular Diagnostics and Transfusion Medicine), Microbiology (including the MRSA and TB reference Laboratories), Immunology and Biochemistry including Endocrinology.

MED - Medicine & Emergency Department Directorate

MedEL - This directorate specialises in Medicne for the Elderly.

SACC - Surgery & Anaesthesia Directorate


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