Two New Intensive Care Beds for Cardiac Surgery Unit


Mr Michael Tolan, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, and Ms Catherine Tobin,  

Nurse Manager of the Keith Shaw Cardiac Surgery Unit

Two new isolation rooms for cardiac surgery patients in need of intensive care have been built and equipped in the hospital’s Keith Shaw Cardiac Surgery Unit. These were part-funded by a generous gift to St. James’s Hospital from the Cardiac Surgical Foundation – a group who raised funds for the development of cardiac surgery in Ireland.

The Keith Shaw Cardiac Surgery Unit comprises a 15-bed ward and now, with the addition of the two isolation beds, an 8 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU). For the first 6 – 24 hours following surgery, patients stay in the ICU. In some circumstances, where patients have contracted any infection or have TB, they need to be cared for in an isolated setting. The new isolation rooms are equipped with electronic beds, ventilators, cardiac monitoring equipment and the hospital’s electronic chart system and they provide the most secure environment for critically ill cardiac patients.

The Keith Shaw Unit was opened in 2000 and each year takes care of 500 cardiac surgery patients from Dublin, the eastern and south-eastern regions of the country and also from the northwest. Patients present with cardiac disease and or requiring heart valve surgery and operations carried out include coronary artery bypass grafts and valve surgery. The hospital has three cardiac surgeons.

The unit is named for the late heart surgeon, Mr Keith Shaw, who played a lead role in the development of cardiac surgery in Ireland.

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