Patient Quality & Safety

St. James’s Hospital’s is committed and acknowledges its responsibility to provide safe, effective, integrated treatment and care in an environment that is appropriate, secure and hospitable for patients, staff and site visitors.

The Hospital endeavours to continuously improve the outcomes and experience of our service users through the consistent application of evidence based standards in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for our population with care and compassion while using resources effectively and efficiently.

We aim to ensure that the right patient is cared for in the right place by the right staff delivering the most appropriate care each time.

In order to achieve this, the Hospital has in place a comprehensive Quality Safety & Risk Programme that is designed to enable and support staff in ensuring the following activities are undertaken:

  • Adopting and implementing evidence based best-practice standards
  • Identifying and minimising risk to patients, staff and site visitors.
  • Identifying and effecting opportunities for improvement continuously

In identifying opportunities for improvement the Hospital’s quality improvement programme uses numerous information resources including the following:

  • Any relevant legislation, regulation and professional best-practice guidelines
  • National and International healthcare improvement initiatives e.g. National Clinical Care Programmes (HSE)
  • Self-assessment of compliance with all relevant validated standards e.g. Safer Better Healthcare (HIQA 2012)
  • Findings from investigations into reported adverse incidents and complaints
  • Findings and recommendations from Patient Experience surveys
  • Findings from any pertinent national and international investigations
  • Findings and recommendations from site visits or inspections undertaken by authorised agencies e.g. HIQA, Health & safety Authority (Has) etc

The Hospital routinely reviews the information provided from these resources, identifies where improvement is required and/or would be of benefit and develops Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs). The Quality improvement plan maps out the aim of the project, the actions required to achieve it, the professional designated to lead the project and the timeframe the organisation plans to implement the improvement within.

In Ireland HIQA is the authorised independent body established to drive improvement in healthcare by setting standards and monitoring compliance. They undertake announced and unannounced site inspections to Hospitals’ including St. James’s.

In May 2014 HIQA carried out an unannounced inspection in St. James Hospital in order to assess the Hospital’s compliance with a number of their National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections (HIQA 2009).

The report of the findings below identify areas of good practices and some, where improvement is required.

Accordingly the Hospital has developed and is implementing a QIP which can be accessed by clicking on the link below

For further information please contact M. Fogarty (Quality Manager) at 01-4162480 or 4162372 or 

HIQA Findings

HIQA Report - QIP

Child Safeguarding Statement

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