Patients with colorectal cancer will be cared for by a team of people in the hospital who are experts in different parts of their treatment. This Multidisciplinary Team will probably include:

Surgeons, who specialize in bowel surgery:

  • Mr. B. J. Mehigan (Colorectal Consultant)
  • Mr. P. H. McCormick (Colorectal Consultant)
  • Mr. J. O. Larkin (Colorectal Consultant)
  • Mr. J. O’ Riordan (Colorectal Consultant)
  • Mr. D. Kavanagh (Colorectal Consultant)

Both Mr. O Riordan and Mr. Kavanagh are based between St James Hospital and the AMNCH in Tallaght.

Radiation Oncologist, who is responsible for radiotherapy:

  • Dr. C. Gilham

Oncologists, who are responsible for chemotherapy:

  • Professor J. Kennedy
  • Dr. S. Cuffe

The Psychological Oncologist, who is responsible for providing psychological support to you and your family:

  • Dr. A. M O’Dwyer

Cancer Nurse Coordinators, who help to facilitate your care while supporting you and your family throughout your treatment:

  • Ms Delia Flannery
  • Ms Katrina O’Connor

Stoma Nurses, who provide information about stoma care and adjusting to life with a stoma:

  • Ms Annemarie Stuart
  • Ms Anna Fearon
  • Ms Siobhan McGovern

Dietitian, who supports and educates patients about nutrition and diet:

  • Ms Caitriona Caulfield

You may also meet other members of our team, including senior and junior doctors, physiotherapists, social workers and occupational therapists who will help you get back to your normal activities and lifestyle.