We are a Multi-Disciplinary Team of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and specialist nurses supported by experts in nutrition, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, stoma care, palliative care and pain and pastoral care. Four outpatient clinics are held weekly. Each clinic has one or more lead consultants and team doctors.

Gynaecological Consultant Surgeons

  • Dr. Noreen Gleeson is the lead gynaecology cancer surgeon and trainer at St. James’s     Hospital. She is an associate professor at Trinity College, Dublin. Her major clinical interests are gynaecological cancer and pelvic surgery and reconstruction. Her research is in surgical methods and how cancer cells grow and spread and affect other systems in the body. Her published research profile is on ResearchGate,
  • Dr. Tom Darcy is a gynaecology cancer surgeon and trainer at St. James’s Hospital. He is also a lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin. He is the director of the colposcopy pre-cancer clinic at the Coombe Women’s & Infants’ University Hospital, Dublin.
  • Dr. Waseem Kamran is a gynaecology cancer surgeon and trainer at St. James’s Hospital. He is also the director of the Cancer Risk Reduction Clinic.
  • Dr. Feras Abu Saadeh is a gynaecology cancer surgeon at St. James’s Hospital and the director of clinical research. His published research profile is on ResearchGate,

Medical Oncology Chemotherapy Consultant

  • Dr. Dearbhaile O’Donnell

Radiotherapy Consultant

  • Dr. Charles Gillham

Cancer Nurse Specialists

  • Debra McKnight
  • Ciara Donohoe

Debra and Ciara will coordinate all your care, from your first visit to the clinic through to your blood and X-ray tests, your admission for surgery or your appointments with other doctors.

Research /Scientific Investigators

  • Dr. Lucy Norris
  • Dr. Sharon O’Toole

Sharon and Lucy are scientific doctors who work in the research laboratory and coordinate the studies outlined. They ensure patients are informed about research studies, so you may meet them when you come to the outpatient clinic, when you come for your surgery or at other stages during your treatment. They coordinate the collection of blood and tissue samples and store them for the various studies.

Further information on research projects is available on the St. James’s Research webpage. Published research for Noreen Gleeson, Feras Abu Saadeh, Lucy Norris and Sharon O’Toole is available through ResearchGate

If you wish to support our research, please contact the Gynaecological Coordinator Debra McKnight ( You can also specify which type of gynaecological cancer you wish to support:  We carry out research on ovarian, womb and cervix and vulval cancer.