• It is recommended that patients bring a relative/friend to the clinic.
  • You will meet the consultant surgeon and his team at your clinic appointment. Care is taken to ensure that you are given the time, privacy and opportunity to speak and ask questions.
  • You will meet our head and neck cancer nurse coordinator, who will ensure that as much information as possible relating to the treatment plan is given at the time of diagnosis.
  • You may meet our speech and language therapist and dietician, if it is appropriate to your needs.
  • Appropriate scans will be ordered while you are an outpatient and followed up by our team/head and neck cancer nurse coordinator
  • Biopsies will be taken as an inpatient, usually as a day case on the surgical day ward.
  • Scans and biopsies will be discussed at the head and neck Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting held on Monday mornings. This is where your surgeon, other head and neck surgeons and medical and radiation oncologists discuss and devise the best treatment plan for you.
  • Your treatment plan could include surgery/radiotherapy/chemotherapy. Surgery and chemotherapy are available in St. James’s Hospital. Currently, head and neck cancer patients attend St. Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar, Dublin, for radiotherapy treatment.