The treatments options for skin cancer include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other drug treatments. Your treatment plan will depend on the type of skin cancer you have, and each patient’s treatment will be tailored to their individual needs. The aim of treatment is to remove the cancer and stop any further growth or spread of cancer.

In deciding the most suitable treatment, your doctor will consider:

  • The type of skin cancer.
  • The individual features of your skin cancer.
  • Where on your body the cancer is.
  • Whether the cancer is at risk of spreading (e.g. Malignant Melanoma) and whether it has spread to your lymph nodes.

In St. James’s Hospital, treatment for skin cancer is provided by a variety of specialists. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so many different specialties are involved in treating the many different forms of skin cancer. Most commonly, it is treated by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, radiation oncologists, head and neck surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and medical oncologists. Diagnosing skin cancer can be difficult, but St. James’s Hospital has two consultant pathologists with special skills in the laboratory diagnosis of skin cancer. Any complex or difficult skin cancer and all melanomas are discussed by these specialists at multidisciplinary skin cancer meetings.