Contact & Clinics








Professor John Reynolds  

Specialty Upper GI Consultants


01 4103595


Dr Dermot O’Toole

Specialty Upper GI Consultants


01 4103452



Upper GI Cancer Nurse Co-coordinator


01 410 3000 bleep 296,
direct line: 01 4162650



Rapid Access Oesophageal Clinic 

for patients with new onset dysphagia or if GP is concerned about cancer

Urgent Referral Fax: 01 4546534



Barrett’s Clinic   

held every two weeks

 Fax: 01 4103461

Appointment Instructions

New Patient Appointments:  New patients requiring appointments must submit a referral from their GP / Consultant.  New referrals are prioritised by a consultant surgeon and an appropriate appointment will be scheduled for the patient.  Patients will be notified of their appointment date by post or by telephone.

Referral Procedure

Referrals are to be made by letter or fax.

Electronic referrals can be made using Healthlink.  GPs need to be registered users to avail of this service.  Please go to the following webpage for more information.