Donal Hollywood Unit

Donal Hollywood Unit (DHU) is is a 41-bed, acute medical ward that specialises in Oncology and Haematology Coagulation disorders.

The DHU team aims to provide therapeutic, interventional, supportive and palliative care for patients with cancer. As a multidisciplinary team, we strive towards a common goal of promoting patients welfare and actively encourage participation from both patients and their families to achieve their independence. We provide out of hours cover for outpatients experiencing difficulty at home while actively receiving chemotherapy treatment.

We work to provide holistic, thoughtful, sensitive, empathic and respectful care that places the patient at the centre of all we do. Our priority is to ensure patient comfort and privacy and to respect all patients’ social and spiritual needs, regardless of race or creed. We also recognise that each individual has rights and wishes regarding their treatment and management.

Quality of life is paramount to us. We strive to promote dignity and autonomy where possible. It is our aim to enter into a partnership with our patients, their families and friends to help recovery or, where this is not possible, to allow a peaceful and dignified death.

Everyone on the unit, whether patients or staff, may express their beliefs without fear of judgement. We acknowledge that staff members are human beings with their own problems and limitations and that, in order to deliver good patient care, we have to care for and support each other.

We will promote positive and productive relationships, grounded in an atmosphere of open communication where no one person shall be regarded as more important than the other. We recognise that we operate in a large multidisciplinary setting within which we wish to be recognised and respected as leaders and innovators of care to patients with cancer. In doing so, we will continue to base our practices in evidence, promote research, education and the ideology of preceptorship for new staff.

In conclusion, we strive to bring out the best in others in the pursuit of excellence in meeting the holistic needs of our patients, in a caring and healing environment, in which the essential contribution of each member of staff is recognised and valued.


DHU is under the management of the HOPe Directorate Management Team. DHU nurses are allocated to a patient group daily and are under the management of the Clinical Nurse Manager. They all work extensively with the multidisciplinary team in order to create an inclusive, supportive, patient-centred environment.

  • Clinical leadership is provided by the Haematology Lead Consultant.
  • Nursing leadership is provided by the Clinical Nurse Manager.
  • The ward team consists of nurse managers, staff nurses, health care attendants, a ward secretary and clinical nurse specialists.
  • Administrative leadership is provided by the Deputy Business Manager.
  • Pharmacy leadership is provided by the Chief Oncology Pharmacist.
  • Support staff, including porters, cleaning staff and catering staff, are under the management of General Support Services.

Opening hours

Patient care is provided 24 hours a day on a continuous basis. Nursing staff also provide a telephone triage and out of hours service for patients experiencing difficulties after day services have closed (i.e. after 4pm, at weekends and on public holidays).

Out of Hours Care

The Treatment Room on DHU may be used to accommodate oncology patients with the following conditions who require urgent medical review:

  • Febrile Neutropenia (when a patient has a fever and a significant reduction in their white blood cells, which are needed to fight infections).
  • Patients who become unwell while receiving active treatment.
  • A new rash, persistent nausea and vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Bruising/bleeding.

At weekends and on public holidays, WSW also provides continuity of ambulatory care for oncology outpatients requiring chemotherapy, blood tests, blood product transfusions, electrolyte replacements and intravenous fluids therapies and medications.

All episodes of care are recorded on the Patient Administration System (PAS) and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.


Clinical Nurse Managers


Ms. Anna Marie McKenna

Tel: 01 4162506

Ms. Niamh O'Sullivan

Tel: 01 4162506


Support services are provided by the following Multi-Disciplinary Teams:

  • Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy assesses functional capacity and physical issues relating to diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Medical Social Worker provides advice and support on entitlements, practical issues and emotional matters.
  • Psycho-Oncology provides psychological support to patients experiencing persistent distress.
  • Clinical Nutrition provides nutritional assessment and advice at any stage of treatment. 
  • Palliative Care provides specialist input regarding symptom management.