The Cancer Genetics Service provides risk assessment, counselling and genetic testing for individuals and families at increased risk of cancer. The service aims to provide:

  • Risk assessment and screening recommendations.
  • Counselling and education for patients and families.
  • Diagnostic testing. (A screening test for changes within a gene where a familial mutation has not yet been identified).
  • Predictive testing. (A test for a mutation that is known to exist in a family).
  • Specific pre- and post-test counselling.
  • Data collation and tracking.
  • Collaborative participation in relevant basic/translational/clinical research.


Referrals to the Cancer Genetics Programme are accepted within the hospital by an electronic patient record system (EPR).

Referrals from General Practitioners (GPs) are accepted for patients whose family members are attending the Cancer Genetic Service.

All patients’ initial assessments/counselling are performed by either a specialist nurse or consultant geneticist. Using information contained on a Family History Questionnaire, the patient’s family tree may be drawn and the risk for various cancers is assessed.


Involves the provision of verbal and written information on specific cancer syndromes.

Visual aids may be used to educate the patient on cancer risk and relevant risk-reduction strategies.

Genetic Testing

Patients who proceed to genetic testing are further assessed/counselled by the specialist nurse or consultant geneticist. Informed consent is obtained before testing.


  • The Cancer Genetics Service is managed by the HOPe (Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care) Directorate Management Team.
  • The Genetics team consists of a Consultant Geneticist, Genetic Counsellors, Clinical Nurse specialists, Service Manager and a secretary.
  • The Genetics Service has close links to the National Centre for Molecular Genetics in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

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1.30pm– 4.30pm

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