What we do

The Admissions Department carry out the total bed management function for the hospital.

All aspects of the patients admission and discharge are carried out including:

  • Patient placement from the Emergency Department, OPD and elective admissions
  • Long Term and Intermediate Care placement
  • Discharge planning and patient processing
  • Patient scheduling
  • Confirmation of admission dates and communication of this to the patient

Contact Details

 TitlePhone Email 
 Main Admissions Department  (01) 416 2683
 (01) 416 2663
 (01) 416 2687
 (01) 416 2664
 (01) 416 2684
 (01) 410 3917
In-patient Co-ordinator (Bed Management)  (01) 416 2665  
Clinical Nurse Managers (Bed Management)  (01) 416 2170
 (01) 416 2232
 (01) 410 3502
Waiting List Office  (01) 416 2256
 (01) 428 4102

Appointment Instructions

Patients are informed of their admission by post with a card informing them of their provisional admission date and instructions to contact the department.

Please follow the instructions on this card as the ability to admit is determined on availability of beds. Patients are advised to contact the department prior to travel to ensure that there is a bed available and prevent a possible wasted journey.

Referral Procedure

Patients are referred to the hospital by their GP to either the Emergency Department (ED) or an Out-patients Department (OPD) or in the case of an emergency directly to ED.

Patients who need to be placed on a waiting list for in-patient treatment are referred from OPD using a waiting list referral card. Once received by the Admissions Department, the patient is entered onto the hospital waiting list.
A routine validation of this list is carried out to ensure data accuracy. Every patient on the waiting list will be contacted in writing at three month intervals to carry out this validation. 

  • Queries regarding position on a waiting list should be directed to the waiting list office. 
  • If you are not going to avail of your scheduled admission date please advise the admissions department as early as possible as this date can be reallocated to another patient.
  • Please ensure that all waiting list validation letters are returned, providing any changes in contact details.

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