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The National Medicines Information Centre (NMIC) aims to promote the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines.  Through our clinical enquiry answering service we provide evidence-based information and advice to prescribers, on all aspects of the therapeutic use of medicines including indications, drug interactions, drug use in pregnancy/lactation. Our team of pharmacists and doctors are trained in information retrieval and analysis and use a range of information sources including specialist texts, information databases and primary journals.

We produce a number of publications, in particular a Therapeutics Bulletin and a monthly newsletter Therapeutics Today. Both publications are available on our website or by email to individual healthcare professionals.

In addition, the NMIC has an educational role in promoting safe and effective use of medicines.  This is demonstrated through our involvement in teaching to medical and pharmacy undergraduate and postgraduate students, GP trainees and NCHDs.  

Contact Details

Members of the public with enquiries about the use of medicines should speak to their general practitioner or community pharmacist.

NMIC Update

For operational reasons, from 1st January 2020, the NMIC clinical enquiry answering service will be available to prescribers only.

The NMIC bulletins and Therapeutics Today newsletters will continue to be published and remain available to all healthcare professionals on and via the NMIC email distribution list to subscribers.

The NMIC may be contacted by telephone, e-mail or post.

Phone: 1850 727 727 or (01) 473 0589

Postal Address:
National Medicines Information Centre,
Hospital 1, Middle Floor
St James’s Hospital,
James’s Street,
Dublin 8


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