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Skin Cancer

What we do

The Dermatology Department looks after people with a wide range of skin problems. Care involves diagnosis, relevant investigation, treatment and education of the patient. This is done predominantly as an outpatient basis, with more serious skin disease being managed as an inpatient.

Patients are seen following receipt of a referral letter from their GP that is prioritised by one of the consultant dermatologists. Patients are booked into specialist clinics as deemed appropriate by the information supplied by the referring doctor

Two surgical dermatology clinics are held weekly, one of which is an urgent skin cancer clinic. Surgical intervention and treatment takes place in 4 outpatient surgical sessions, - Urgent Melanoma excision, Diagnostic biopsy, Mohs Micrographic surgery and Day case surgery. Follow up is organised as deemed necessary by the Consultant at the time of treatment. In 2007, St. James’s diagnosed or treated 570 new patients with non melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) and 99 with melanoma (Ref. Cancer Audit Programme, St. James’s Hospital)

Skin Cancer Programme-Key Points

  • Rapid access clinic for all suspected high risk skin cancers
  • The only public Moh’s microsurgical unit (MMS) was established in mid 2006.
  • Well developed MDT model, with Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Histopathology, and skin cancer MDT since April 2005
  • Care of High Risk and Complex skin cancers - immunosuppressed patients, predisposing genetic disorders such as Epidermolysis Bullosa etc. and rarer skin cancers such as cutaneous lymphoma, Dermatofibroma sarcoma protuberans, perioccular tumours, and recurrent tumours. 
  • Sentinel node technology and capacity for vascular /endovascular perfusion for melanoma
  • Consultant Surgical Dermatologist 
  • Specialist consultant dermatopathologist
  • Plastic and Reconstructive surgery service available 
  • Defined link with St. Lukes’s hospital
  • Consultant medical oncologist
  • Consultant radiation oncologist 
  • Dermatology clinical nurse specialists
  • MDT co-ordinator 


Outpatients are seen following receipt of a referral letter from their GP that is prioritised by one of the consultant dermatologists. Depending on the presenting complaint and review in suite 5 in the outpatients department, certain investigation e.g. skin biopsy or patch testing may be required. A follow up appointment is given in these instances.  Patients are given follow up appointments if deemed necessary.

Dermatology Clinic

 Specialty DayLocation ConsultantContact Details
UVL (Light Treatment Clinic) Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri am Prof. Barnes  01 4284129
Dermatology Minor Surgery Clinic Monday pm Hospital 5 Prof Irvine 01 4284130
Dermatology Clinic  Monday pm Outpatients Suite 5   01 4162103
Dermatology Clinic   Monday am Outpatients Suite 5   01 4162103
Patch Testing Clinic  Monday pm  Hospital 5 Nurse led 01 4284130
MOHS Micrographic Surgery  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday  Dr Ormond/Dr Barry 01 4284130
Dermatology Clinic Tuesday PM Outpatients Suite 5 Dr Wynne 01 4162102
Dermatology Minor Surgery Clinic  Tuesday pm  Hospital 5 Dermatology Registrar/Eadaoin Redmond 01 4284130
Joint Consult Clinic  3rd & 5th Wednesday am  All consultants 01 4162103
Dermatology Clinic Wednesday pm  Outpatients Suite 5   01 4284089
Dermatology Clinic Wednesday pm Outpatients Suite 5 Dr Barry 01 4284151
Dermatology clinic  Wednesday pm  Outpatients Suite 5 Dr Wynne 01 4162103
Patch Test Review Clinic  Wednesday pm  Outpatients Suite 5
Dr Wynne
01 4162816
EB Multidisciplinary Clinic  Wednesday pm (every 2-3 months)  Hospital 5 Dr Browne 01 4162103
Dermatology Surgery Clinic  Thursday (all day) 
Thursday (pm)
Day Surgery Centre   
Dr Wynne
01 4162892
Nurse Education & Camouflage Clinic Thursday am  Hospital 5 Dermatology Nurses 01 4284129
Dermatology Clinic Thursday pm OPD Suite 6 Dr Wynne 01 4162102
Dermatology Laser Clinic   monthly  Laser Clinic   01 4162103
Dermatology Clinic Friday pm  Outpatients Suite 5   01 4284089
Dermatology Clinic Friday Outpatients Suite 5 Dr Barry 01 4284151
Patch Test Review Clinic Friday pm  Outpatients Suite 5 Prof Barnes /  
EB Nurse Review Clinic  Wednesday & Friday (by appointment)  Hospital 5  Eadaoin Redmond

01 4103722
087 9266376