High Dependancy Unit


Visiting Times: 14:00-19:00

Special Visiting Arrangements can be accommodated if discussed in advance with the Nursing team.

Visiting is limited to immediate family members or very close friends. There should be no more than 2 visitors at the bedside at one time.

All visitors are asked to ring the bell and speak to nursing staff prior to entering HDU.

You may be asked to leave HDU if the patient requires any intervention by nursing or medical staff.

Fresh flowers or plants are not permitted.

No children under 16 years permitted to visit without prior discussion and agreement with the CNM/Consultant.

Please see leaflet below on helping to reduce cross infection. 

Note: Visiting times are different to wards, please check when your relative is transferred to another area

Reduce cross infection leaflet


Medical / Surgical High Dependancy Nursing


The High Dependency Unit (HDU) is a 3 bedded unit for patients requiring specialist care or monitoring following Intensive Care treatment, complex surgery or acute illness.
It is situated on the first floor next to Sir Patrick Duns Ward.
Patients in HDU are cared for by the Intensive care (ICU) Medical, Nursing and Allied Health teams in consultation with the Patient and his/her Primary Consultant and team.  

GICU/HDU Visitor Satisfaction Survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YVKKXJH

Contact Details

Phone: (01) 416 2021 or 428 4042

Clinical Nurse Managers

The HDU is managed in conjunction with the Intensive care unit . There is a CNM 2 on duty 24hours per day 7days per week covering ICU & HDU.

See ICU Listing


From the James’s Street entrance proceed to Junction 2, turn left and enter the main hospital building.

Continue straight and take the last right towards the blue Route 4. Then take the second turn on the left. From here take the lift to the first floor. As you emerge from the lift take a right. The High Dependancy Unit is located on the right hand side.

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