Intensive Care Unit


Visiting Times: 14:00-19:00

Special Visiting Arrangements can be accommodated if discussed in advance with the Nursing team.

Visiting is limited to immediate family members or very close friends. There should be no more than 2 visitors at the bedside at one time.

All visitors are asked to speak with nursing staff via the intercom/internal phone from the Waiting Room prior to entering ICU.

You may be asked to leave ICU if the patient requires any intervention by nursing or medical staff.

Fresh flowers or plants are not permitted.

No children under 16 years  permitted to visit without prior discussion and agreement with the CNM/Consultant.

Please see leaflet below on helping to reduce cross infection in intensive care. 

Note: Visiting times are different to wards, please check when your relative is transferred to another area

Information for Patients & Relatives - ICU

Reduce cross infection leaflet

ICU Patient, Relative and Carer Support Group


The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) & High Dependency unit (HDU) at St James’s Hospital provides tertiary referral for advanced therapies and supports a wide range of specialties. We care for patients who are critically ill and require specialist medical and nursing interventions and/or close monitoring.

Patient care and treatment in the ICU and HDU is under the supervision of a team of Consultants in Intensive Care Medicine/Anaesthetists in conjunction with the Primary admitting team. The service is delivered with a range of multi-professionals including Consultants in Intensive Care Medicine/Anaesthetists, ICU nurses, physiotherapists, speech & language therapist, clinical nutritionist, pharmacist, janitors along with a range of support staff.

ICU is an 18 bedded unit with a combination of open plan beds (9) and Isolation rooms (9). The HDU is a 3 bedded open plan unit. 

Nursing Courses offered: 

Foundation Course in Intensive Care Nursing:

This is a 6 month course provided for nurses with no previous critical care experience in order to provide the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to deliver care safely. While on the programme the staff nurse will be supported and supervised by the ICU Education team with the support of the entire nursing team of managers and staff. 


Post Graduate Programme in Specialist Nursing (Intensive Care) in partnership with Trinity College Dublin.

This is a one year programme for nurses with critical care experience to advance their knowledge and clinical skills with a post graduate diploma leading to a Masters progamme in 2nd year. 


ALERT Course: Acute Life Threatening Emergencies Recognition & Treatment: 

The ALERT course is a one day multidisciplinary course suitable for ward based nurses, doctors and physiotherapists. The course provides a system of assessment of the acutely ill patient and is facilitated by ICU nurses and medical staff along with senior colleagues around the hospital. 

Enquiries:  or phone Nikki Phillips 014284884


Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Nursing

Contact Details

Phone: (01) 4162561 or (01) 4162562

Clinical Nurse Managers

Rynagh Gilligan Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) 

Maire McAuliffe Clinical Nurse Manager 3 General ICU 


From the James’s Street entrance proceed to Junction 2, turn left and enter the main hospital building.

Continue straight and take the last right towards the blue Route 4. Take the second left turn. Take the lift to the first floor. Exit the lift to the left and take the next left down the corridor. The Intensive Care Unit double doors entrance is located on the right hand side.

GICU/HDU Visitor Satisfaction Survey

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