Private 1


No children. This is negotiable with nursing staff on the unit

2 visitors per bed.

Patient rest period is 1pm to 2pm

No fresh flowers.


Oncology/Haematology and Medical


Private 1 is a dynamic 30-bedded unit caring for patients with a variety of cancers and general medical conditions. Staff on the unit are committed to providing holistic quality care. This busy unit provides health care professionals with an opportunity to practice within complex medical and nursing scenarios.

Contact Details

Phone: (01) 410 3201 or (01) 410 3202

Clinical Nurse Managers

Colette Bourke (CNM II)

Jheannie Vicedo (CNM I)


From the James’s Street entrance proceed to Junction 2, turn left and enter the main hospital building.

Continue straight and take the last left towards yellow Route 3. Take the next left to enter into Private 1.

Tabacco Free Campus