Discharge Process

Discharge Lounge        
Patients who are no longer in need of in-patient medical care and who have been discharged should be transferred to the Discharge Lounge.
Open 07.30- 16.30.  Discharge Lounge (01) 410 3537                            

Public Health Nurse

  • Patients  that require care, supervision or support following discharge.
  • All patients over 70 years of age must be referred to PHN.

Contact  CNM 11  PHN Liaison (01) 416  2364 or bleep (01) 410 3000  Bleep  381.

Home Help & Meals on Wheels
Organised by social workers. Patient is assessed for these services after discharge. If the patient has these services prior to admission the social worker will contact the relevant agencies to have the services reinstated on discharge.

Shared Care Discharge Team
This team facilitates the discharge of complex patients. The patient is followed up in the community for a period of time following discharge. The team can be contacted  (01) 410 3000  bleep 565/766.

AMAU Tracker Team
This team is based in the Acute Medical Admissions Unit. The main focus of this team is with patients who will not be discharged directly from the AMAU, but will be discharged home after a short stay on a general ward. If necessary the patients can be followed up in the community for 1-2 weeks post discharge. 

MedEL Early Discharge
This service is for patients in the AMAU over 65 years of age who are medically stable and able to manage at home with support services. If suitable the patients are referred to Robert Mayne Day Hospital.

Cois Cein
This is a 12 bedded female unit located in Brú Chaoimhin nursing home. It was established to facilitate the release of acute beds in SJH. It is for patients who have completed the acute phase of their treatment and are medically fit for discharge. The clients may require short-term rehabilitation and or convalescence. Tel:  (01) 4156549.

Intermediate Care Beds
This service is aimed at patients whose acute phase of treatment has been completed. Maximum length of stay is 4 weeks. Contact Tara Shortt in admissions on (01) 416 2232 or  (01) 410 3000  bleep 177.

Home Care Grants
It is a payment for patients who are currently occupying acute hospital beds and are medically fit for discharge, but require additional carer’s support in excess of general community services to be cared for at home. Patients can be referred to the social worker to apply for the grant. Some of these patients will have been assessed by the Shared Care Discharge team.

Extended Care / Long Term Care (LTC)
All Patients who require extended care (LTC) are reviewed by MedEL (Care of the Elderly) and placed on a list for a bed.

There are three methods of availing of a bed

  1. Subvention – this is a means tested grant from the health board which pays for or towards the cost of a nursing home bed.
  2. Public funded beds in private nursing homes.
  3. Public beds – Harolds X, Lepardstown, SCR, Cherry Orchard (not frequently available)

Chronic Young Sick / Under 65yrs Care packages
It is a fully funded care package for a nursing home bed.  It is for patients under 65 years who have finished the acute phase of their treatment but would require placement in a nursing home, either for a short or long term placement. Contact Caroline Hunt in admissions (01) 416  2170 or (01) 410 3000 bleep 366.

Respiratory Assessment Unit (RAU)
Services provided  - COPD outreach, Pulmonary rehabilitation, long term O2 therapy assessment, NIV home visits, nurse led clinics, patient & staff education, GP referrals    
COPD Outreach service  - the medical team must contact the RAU on  (01) 410  3763 or  (01)410 3000 bleep 325.  The RAU team will  meet the patients prior to discharge. 
Respiratory Nurse Specialist reviews patients on the ward. Services provided include inhaler technique, disease process, nebuliser/home oxygen advise, treatment and side effects. Contact (01) 410 3763 or (01) 410 3000 bleep 360.
For patients who wish to stop smoking. Contact Carmel Doherty  01 410 3580 or 410 3000 bleep 120.

Warfarin /Anticoagulation Clinic
Medical team to fill out referral form and return it to the clinic, (01) 410 3556 / 416  2637.  If any patient is commenced on Warfarin the clinic should be contacted a few days prior to discharge.

Any patient of no fixed abode should be referred to the social work department. The medical social worker (MSW) will liase with the homeless services on their behalf. Should a homeless person be admitted over the weekend, it is preferable that they are not discharged until the MSW is available on Monday am.
For 1st time male presenters – Homeless Persons Unit, 149 James’s St (01) 8815200 (Mon-Fri 10am - 12noon)
For Women and Families – Homeless Persons Unit, 16-19 Wellington Quay (01) 8815180 (Mon-Fri 10am – 12 noon)
Adult Homeless Persons Free phone Service – 1800 724 724 10am - 1am daily
Homeless persons clinic:
Clinic every Wednesday 10-12 in MSW office beside Emergency Observation ward.
Two staff from Homeless persons unit comes on site to facilitate discharge planning for the homeless in patients.
Nursing staff can refer as needed. Service available for in patients and out patients.

Any patient with an addiction issue who wishes to be linked in with a MSW should be referred for counselling / accessing support services.

Transport arrangements should be booked in advance. If a patient requires ambulance or minibus transfer it has to be booked before 12md on the day prior to discharge/transfer.  If the patient has any special requirements i.e. Oxygen, suction, stretcher or chair, ambulance control should be informed when transport is being booked.

Equipment is mainly organised by the Occupational therapist. He/she will make a referral to the community O.T.
Equipment can take from a week to months to be supplied, therefore in some instances a patient may be transferred to intermediate care while waiting for equipment.
For a commode or specialised bed a PHN referral is necessary

Home Oxygen Nebulisers
It can take 24-48 hrs for a request to be processed.  The patient’s doctor will complete the order form, an order book is available on each ward. If the patient has a medical card the number is written on the order form and the form is faxed to the appliance officer in the patient’s community catchment area.  If the patient does not have a medical card the order form is faxed directly to MGI (air products medical)

At home with Baxter
Baxter Healthcare supplies a range of anti –microbial drugs and will also supply a Nurse to provide education in the hospital and a follow up service for patients and relatives post discharge. Contact 087 9878305

Administration of Clexane
The Clexane Nursing Service provides for the teaching of patients with a DVT to correctly and safely administer their clexane injection. Nurse contact no. 087 9574741

  • Service operates 7 days a week
  • Referrals Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.00
  • Local chemist must have a stock of Clexane

Community Intervention Team (C.I.T)
“Nursing out of hours in the community” 10-day intervention.  Contact 087 9792589

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