Therapeutics Today Index by Disease

TT Index by Disease July 2020

Disease  Article Title Year; Number 
Acne   Update on Acne 2014;11  
Acute Kidney Injury   Trimethoprim use in older patients 2018;4  
Adverse Drug Reactions   Update on domperidone safety  2017;8  
Adverse Drug Reactions   Adverse events associated with antibiotic use in hospital inpatients  2017;7  
Adverse Drug Reactions   Intervention to prevent hospital acquired adverse drug reactions 2016;9  
Allergy   Excipients and dietary intolerance  2016;9  
Allergic Rhinitis   Use of injectable steroids for hay fever? 2020;5  
Allergic Rhinitis   Update on allergic rhinitis
Alopecia Areata   Alopecia Areata (AA) 2012;5  
Anaphylaxis   Anaphylaxis 2012;6  
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis   Update on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2011;5  
Anticholinergics   Anticholinergic & sedative drug burden in older people 2019;1  
Anxiety   Benzodiazepine-and Z-drug prescribing in Ireland 2018;7  
Antimicrobial resistance   EU guidance on use of antimicrobials 2017;8  
Arterial Thrombosis   Hormonal Contraceptives and Arterial Thrombosis 2012;7  
Asthma   Use of Budesonide-formoterol reliever theraphy in patients with asthma 2019;11  
Asthma   Updated ashma guidelines 2019;8  
Asthma   Has patient inhaler technique improved over time? 2016;6  
Why asthma still kills
Asthma   New asthma guidelines published 2013;6  
Asymptomatic bacteriuria   Interpreting asymptomatic bacteriuria 2011;9  
Atherothrombosis   Improve risk factor control and prolong life 2011;3  
Atrial Fibrillation   Appropriate prescribing of direct oral anticoagulants(DOACs) 2020;8  
Atrial Fibrillation   Decreased renal function & oral anticoagulants (OAC) 2020;2  
Atrial Fibrillation   Adherence & persistence 2020;1  
Atrial Fibrillation   DOACs or warfarin in frail patients 2018;6  
Atrial Fibrillation   Chocolate consumption and the heart! 2017;12  
Atrial Fibrillation   Oral Anticoagulation - first do no harm! 2013;1  
Atrial fibrillation   Sex differences in stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation 2012;6  
Atrial fibrillation   Warfarin: still an effective option for stroke prevention in AF 2012;4  
Bacterial Vaginosis   Antibiotics for the sexual partners of women with bacterial vaginosis  2017;1  
Bell's Palsy   Update on management of Bell's Palsy 2016;10  
Bell's Palsy   Antivirals for Bell's Palsy 2014;1  
Benzodiazepines   Benzodiazepine and z-drugs 2018;3  
Bipolar   Valproate (Epilim toolkit now available online 2018;6  
Breast Cancer   What influences adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy? 2015;9  
Breast Cancer   Keep taking the (adjuvant hormonal) tablets! 2013;10  
Bladder cancer   Safety Update: pioglitazone-containing medicines 2011;8  
Bleeding    Risk of major bleeding with direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) & interacting drugs 2020;6  
Breast Cancer   Risk of breast cancer & hormone Replacement therapy (HRT) 2019;10  
Breast Cancer   Breast Cancer and HRT 2011;2  
Breast Infection   The management of Breast Cancer 2011;3  
Cancer   National Clinical Guidelines on ovarian& oesophageal cancers 2019;9  
Cancer   All about aspirin for primary prevention of CVD 2018;11  
Cancer   Lifetime risk of cancer with the COCP 2017;8  
Cancer   Lifetime cancer risk with use of oral contraception 2017;4  
Cardiac anomalies   Use of beta blockers in pregnancy and risk of foetal cardiac anomalies 2017;5  
Cardiac arrest   NSAIDs and cardiac arrest 2017;7  
Cardiometabolic disorders   Chocolate may be good for your heart AND your head! 2011;12  
Cardiovascular   Combination of Warfarin and Aspirin 2019;06  
Cardiovascular   Use of statins in older people 2019;3  
Cardiovascular   Patients' perceptions of statin usage 2018;6  
Cardiovascular disease   Omega-3 fatty acids have little or no effect on cardiovascular disease. 2018;8  
Cardiovascular disease   How to improve medication adherence in cardiovascular disease 2018;4  
Cardiovascular disease   Increased CV risk with high dose ibuprofen 2015;8  
Cardiovascular disease   Restrictions on use of domperidone-containing medicines 2014;5  
Cardiovascular disease   Reassuring news about unintended effects of statin therapy 2014;4  
Cardiovascular disease   Further restrictions on the use of strontium ranelate in the EU 2014;3  
Cardiovascular disease   Why is statin therapy discontinued in practice? 2013;8  
Cardiovascular disease   CV risk with NSAIDs may persist for at least 5 years post-MI 2012;10  
Cardiovascular disease   Are statins safe and effective for primary prevention? 2012;9  
Cardiovascular disease   Could the polypill be useful for cardiovascular disease prevention? 2012;8  
Cardiovascular disease   The elderly are not sufficiently represented in clinical trials 2012;5  
Cardiovascular disease   Is statin therapy good for the goose aswell as the gander? 2012;3  
Cardiovascular disease   Statins are still safe and effective with long-term use! 2012;1  
Cardiovascular Disease    Cardiovascular effects of cocaine 2011;1  
Cardiovascular Disease   Why do patients stop taking statins? 2011;1  
Cardiovascular toxicity    Update on the safety of NASIDs 2013;2  
Cerebrovascular diease   All about aspirin for primary prevention of CVD 2018;11  
Cervical Cancer   Impact of HPV vaccine on prevalence of type-specific HPV 2018;7  
Cervical Cancer   Impact of HPV vaccination 2018;1  
Cervical Cancer   Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer 2013;10  
Chronic Disease   Persistence of potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) in older people 2020;7  
Chronic Disease   Uncertainties regarding vitamin D 2015;6  
Clostridium difficile   Are probiotics useful in preventing Clostridium difficile infection 2018;9  
Clostridium difficile infection   Are PPIs safe in the long-term? 2017;11  
Clostridium difficile   A new way to manage clostridium difficile? 2015;1  
Clostridium difficile   Community-associated C difficile infection & antibiotics 2014;1  
Co-mobidity   7 Steps to appropriate polypharmacy 2018;7  
Codeine intoxication   Codeine not to be used in children 2015;5  
Combined hormonal contraception   Use of hormonal contraception & ovarian cancer 2018;12  
Contraception   Contraception and Covid-19 2020;4  
Contraception   Use of hormonal contraception & ovarian cancer 2018;12  
Congenital Malformation   Congenital malformations with different antiepileptic drugs 2018;5  
Cognition   Food for thought....  2012;12  
Cognition   Does longterm benzodiazepine usage affect cognition in younger adults? 2011;6  
Coronavirus   Information on novel coronavirus 2020;2  
Coronary Heart disease   All about aspirin for primary prevention of CVD 2018;11  
Conjunctivitis   Conjunctivitis  2014;9  
Conjunctivitis   Management of acute infective conjunctivitis 2011;8  
Contraception   Strategies to improve adherence to shorter-term Contraceptives 2019;7  
Contraception   Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Guidelines 2019;5  
Contraception Teratogenicity   Contraceptive advice for women on potentially teratogenic drugs 2018;8  
Contraception   Long-acting reversible contraception 2017;3  
COPD   Has patient inhaler technique improved over time? 2016;6  
COPD   Preventing exacerbations in COPD 2011;2  
Cough   Update on chronic cough 2016;11  
Covid=19   Updated evicence for the use of antivirals in the treatment of Covid-19 2020;7  
Covid-19   Covid-19 and medicines 2020;5  
Coughs and colds/flu   Hear ye, hear ye, Antibiotics are wasted on colds and flu! 2011;12  
Dietary intolerance   Excipients and dietary intolerance 2016;9  
Diets/Weight loss   You are what you eat! 2014;12  
Death   It's never too late to quit! 2012;8  
Dementia   National Clinical Guidelines on psychotropic medication in patients with dementia 2020;1  
Dementia   All about aspirin for primary prevention of CVD 2018;11  
Dementia   Are PPIs safe in the long-term? 2017;11  
Dementia   The use of antipsychotics in patients with dementia 2015;4  
Dementia   Treating pain may reduce behavioural disturbances in patients with dementia 2011;8  
Depression   Might coffee protect women from depression? 2011;12  
Diabetes mellitus   Aspirin for primary prevention in diabetes mellitus 2018;11  
Diabetes mellitus   Risk of incident diabetes mellitus with statin treatment 2012;9  
Diabetes mellitus   The elderly are not sufficiently represented in clinical trials 2012;5  
Diabetes mellitus   Wash your hands after peeling fruit!! 2012;1  
Diabetes mellitus   Statin therapy protects the heart in patients with diabetes 2011;5  

Diabetes Type 2


 Is all exercise equal in type 2 diabetes? 2011;1  


  Amoxicillin and co-amoxiclav - very rare reports of DRESS 2017;10  

Drug Allergy

  New guidance on drug allergy 2015;3  
Drug  Abuse   Use and misuse of opioids 2019;9  
Drug Dependence   Initiatives aimed at reducing long-term use of BZDs..... 2012;3  
Drug Dependence   HSE initiative to support rational benzodiazepine prescribing 2012;2  
Drug Interactions   Drug interaction between statins & systemic fusidic acid 2015;8  
Drug Interactions   What is the clinical impact of warfarin-antibiotic interactions in primary care? 2014;2  
Drug Interactions   Calcium channel blocker-clarithromycin drug interaction and acute kidney injury 2013;12  
Drug Interactions   Grapefruit use and potential drug interactions 2012;12  
Drug Interactions   Update on contraception and drug interactions 2011;4  
Drug Resistance   Tackling drug-resistant infections 2016;10  
Drug-Safety   HPRA Drug Safety Newsletter May 2020 2020;6  
Dyspepsia   Dyspepsia 2013;9  
Ebola Virus   Ebola Virus Update 2014;11  
Endometriosis   Endometriosis 2014;4  
Endometrial cancer   Do oral bisphosphonates reduce risk of postmenopausal endometrial cancer? 2015;3  
Enuresis   Enuresis 2017;7  
Epilepsy   Teratogenicity of valproate-containing medicines(Epilim) 2020;5  
Epilepsy   Reminder about valproate (Epilim) 2020;1  
Epilepsy   Information on cannabis for medical use now available 2018;8  
Epilepsy   Valproate (Epilim toolkit now available online 2018;6  
Epilepsy   Epilepsy in Pregnancy 2016;11  
Eczema   Effectiveness of bath emollients in childhood eczema 2018;6  
Exercise   Exercise reduces risk of depression 2018;12  
Foetal abnormalities   Use of beta blockers in pregnancy and irsk of foetal cardiac anomalies 2017;5  
Falls   Benefits of excercise:every step you take 2019;12  
Falls   Antihypertensive medication and serious fall injuries 2014;3  
Fungal infection   Safety update on use of miconazole oral gel 2018;1  
Fractures   Are PPIs safe in the long-term? 2017;11  
Fractures   Risk of atypical fractures with use of bisphosphonates 2011;5  
Frailty   DOACs or warfarin in frail patients 2018;6  
Fragility Fractures   Medicines and fragility fractures 2016;10  
Generalised anxiety disorder   Focus on Pregabalin  2013;5  
Giant Cell Arteritis   Giant cell arteritis & polymalgia rheumatica 2014;11  
GI haemorrhage   Prescribing tips for anticoagulants 2014;9  
GI toxicity   Update on safety of NASIDs 2013;2  
GI toxicity   Dose rather than duration important for aspirin GI toxicity 2011;7  
Gout   Cardiovascular safety of febuxostat vs.allopurinol 2018;8  
Gout   Use of diuretics and risk of incident gout 2013;12  
Gastrointestinal   Reducing the risk of gastrointestinal adverse effects by NSAIDs 2020;6  
Gynaecomastia   All you need to know about gynaecomastia 2017;1  
Headache   Tension-type headache 2015;7  
Head Lice   Head lice and scabies 2013;8  
Heart Disease   Female smokers more likely to get heart disease 2011;11  
Heart Disease   Follow-up of secondary prevention of heart disease in general practice 2015;12  
Heart Failure   NSAIDs and risk of heart failure 2016;11  
Heart Failure   Impact of age and gender on usage of beta-blockers in HF 2016;5  
Heart Failure   B-type natriuretic peptide-guided treatment is beneficial in chronic heart failure 2014;4  
Heart Failure   Risk of heart failure with DPP-4 inhibitors is uncertain 2016;3  
Helicobacter pylori   Diagnosis and treatment of H. pylori in Ireland  2017;6  
Herbal medicines   Prevalence of drug-herb & drug-supplement interactions in older adults 2019;1  
Hepatotoxicity   Drug-induced liver injury 2019;10  
Hepatitis   World Hepatitis Day 2017;7  
Human Papillomavirus   Impact of HPV vaccination 2019;8  
Hypercholesterolaemia   Preferred statin - atorvastatin 2020;8  
Hypercholesterolaemia   Familial hypercholesterolaemia 2012;6  
Hyperkalaemia   Trimethoprim use in older patients 2018;4  
Hyperkalaemia   Investigating hyperkalaemia in adults 2015;11  
Hyperlipidaemia   Patients' perceptions of statin usage 2018;6  
Hypertension   Use of ACEIs/ARBs and Covid-19 2020;3.1  
Hypertension   Bedtime hypertension therapies improves cardiovascular risk reduction 2019;12  
Hypertension   Pharmacotherapy for hypertension 2019;9  
Hypertension   Updated European guidance on the management of artierial hypertension now available 2018;10  
Hypertension   Risk factors for non-adherence to antihypertensive therapy 2017;8  
Hypertension   Benefits of self-monitoring on systolic blood pressure 2015;2  
Hypertension   Ask about snoring in patients with resistant hypertension 2012;2  
Hyperthyroidism   Treatment-refractory hypothyroidism 2019;4  
Hyperthyroidism   Update on safety of carbimazole 2019;3  
Hyponatraemia   Hyponatraemia  2019;7  
Hypomagnesaemia   Are PPIs safe in the long-term? 2017;11  
Immunosuppression   Use of immunosuppressants and Covid-19 2020;3.1  
Immunisation   Update travel information from NIAC 2018;1  
Immunisation   Updated Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland available 2014;2   
Immunisation   Update to National Immunisation Guidelines now available 2015;11  
Infantile colic    Infantile colic 2013;2  
Antimicrobial   Healthcare-associated infection and antimicrobial 2018;3  
Infection   Delayed antibiotic prescriptions for respiratory infections 2018;3  
Infectious diseases   Notifying infectious diseases in Ireland 2012;4  
Infection   Restrictions on the use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics 2019;1  
Infection   Do benzodiazepines increase the risk of infection?  2013;3  
Infections   Help for when you are "under the weather"... 2014;12  
Infections   Help for prescribers of antibiotics too! 2014;12  
Infections   Updated Immunisation Guidelines available online 2011;10  
Infections   Management of common infections in primary care 2011;7  
Influenza   Uptake of influenza & pertussis vaccine in pregnanct women in Ireland 2018;9  
Influenza   Don't forget your flu jab! 2017;11  
Influenza   Update on influenza 2017;1  
Influenza   Influenza Update! 2015;2  
Influenza   Is influenza bad for your heart? 2013;9   
Insomnia   Deprescribing benzodiazepine receptor agonists 2018;9  
Insomnia   Melatonin for sleep problems in children with neurodevelopmental disorders 2015;11  

Inflammatory bowel disease

  Treatment - refractory hypothyroidism 2019;4  

Irritable bowel syndrome

  New dietary guidelines for irritable bowel syndrome 2012;6  


  Risk of ketoacidosis with SGLT2 inhibitors 2016;4  

Kidney disease

  Are PPIs safe in the long-term? 2017;11  
Kidney injury   Calcium channel blocker-clarithromycin drug interactions and acute kidney injury 2013;12  
Legionnaires' disease   Legionnaires' disease 2015;9  
Liver injury   Do not exceed the recommended dose of paracetamol 2018;4  
Liver Disease   Possible risk of severe liver injury with dronaderone 2011;2  
Lower Urinary Tract symptoms   Lower urinsary tract symptoms in men 2014;7  
Lyme disease   New guidance on Lyme disease 2018;5  
Malaria   Irish Malaria Surveillance Data 2014;5  
Medication    Impact of medication non-adherence on health outcomes in older people 2019;10  
Medication    Medication Safety 2019;6  
Measles   Measles outbreak in Europe 2018;4  
Mental Illness   Prescribing in Pregnancy 2020;2  
Meniere's Disease   Meniere's Disease 2015;2  
Meningitis   Updated guidance on management of bacterial meningitis now available! 2017;3  
Meningococcal C disease    Meningococcal C disease 2014;9  
Menopause   Osteoporosis in postmenopausal women guidelines 2019;6  
Menopause   Hormone replacement therapey and risk of venous thromboembolism 2019;2  
Menopause   Risk of stroke and menopausal hormonal therapy  2017;9  
Menopause   Guidance on diagnosis and management of menopause  2016;1  
Migraine   Guidance document on migraine 2019;2  
Migraine   Does migraine increase CVD in women? 2016; 7  
Migraine   Triptans for treatment of migraine 2014;5  
Migraine   Prevention of migraine 2011;4  
MMR   MMR reminder 2017;12  
Multiple sclerosis   Information on cannabis for medical use now available 2018;8  
Musculoskeletal disorders    Should adults take vitamin D supplements to prevent disease? 2017;2  
Myasthenia Gravis    Myasthenia Gravis 2013;1  
Myocardial Infarction   Emerging safety issue for ivabradine 2014;7  
Myopathy   Updated prescribing information for simvastatin 2012;2  
Nausea   Domperidone No longer indicated in children 2019;8  
Neisseria gonorrhoeae   Treatment of Neisseria gonorrhoeae 2019;4  
Neural Tube Defects   Periconceptual use of folic acid 2012;10  
Neuropathic Pain    Focus on Pregabalin 2013;5  
Nocturnal enuresis   Management of nocturnal enuresis 2014;1  
Nocturnal Enuresis   How to manage nocturnal enuresis in children and young people 2011;6  
Nutrition   Role of oral nutritional supplements in primary care 2018;10  
Nutritional deficiency   Online nutrition supports toolkit now available 2018;1  
Obesity   Emergency contraception-new info on levonorgestrel & ulipristal 2014;8  
Osteoporosis Cancer   Medication Related 2019;6  
Osteoporosis   Osteoporosis in postmenopausal women guidelines 2019;6  
Osteoporosis   A yogurt a day 2017;12  
Osteoporosis   "Drug Holidays" in postmenopausal osteoporosis 2017;10  
Osteoporosis   Bisphosphonates after 5 years? 2016;4  
Osteoporosis   New restrictions on the use of strontium ranelate 2013;5  
Osteoporosis   Bisphosphonates in treatment of osteoporosis 2012;9  
Osteoporosis   The elderly are not sufficiently represented in clinical trials 2012;5  
Ovarian Cancer   National clinical guidelines on ovarian & oesophageal cancers 2019;9  
Ovarian Cancer   Most reproductive factors have no impact on risk of ovarian cancer 2012;1  
Overactive Bladder   Safety update on mirabegron 2015;10  
Overactive Bladder   Management of Overactive Bladder 2012;7  
Overdose   Risk of unintentional overdose with use of oral methotrexate 2012;5  
Paediatrics   Domperidon no longer indicated for children 2019;8  
Parkinson    Update on medicines shortages 2018;10  
Pain   Use of NSAIDs and covid -19 2020;3.1  
Pain   Pregabalin and Gabapentin 2020;5  
Pain   Pregabalin related poisoning deaths in Ireland 2020;2  
Pain   Reduction in codeine-related poisonings in Ireland 2019;3  
Pain   Resource for prescribing opioids for pain 2016;1  
Pain   Caffeine can contribute to pain relief 2012;4  
Pancreatic cancer   Pancreatic cancer not found with incretin-based drugs 2016;3  
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease   Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) 2015;6  
Pertussis   Pertussis (whooping cough) 2019;5  
Pertussis   Update on antenatal pertussis vaccination 2019;5  
Pertussis   Generalised pruritus in adults without underlying dermatosis 2019;3  
Pertussis   Pertussis immunisation 2015;5  
Pertussis   New recommendations for pertussis vaccination 2013;1  
Pertussis   Increased incidence of pertussis cases 2012;9  
Photosensitivity   Drug-induced photosensitivity 2011;11  
Pneumonia   Are PPIs associated with an increased risk of pneumonia 2018;7  
Pneumonia   Risk of pneumonia with inhaled corticosteroids 2016;6  
Pneumonia   Do benzodiazepines increase the risk of infection? 2013;3  
Poisoning   Severe and fatal medicine-related poisoning in young children in the UK 2016;6  
Poisoning   What is the value of electronic drug interaction alerts in primary care? 2011;9  
Polypharmacy   Polypharmacy in Ireland 2019;7  
Polymyalgia Rheumatica   Giant-cell arteritis & polymalgia rheumatica 2014;11  
Polymyalgia Rheumatica   Update on polymyalgia rheumatica  2012;11  
Polyneuropathy   Statin use is not associated with idiopathic polyneuropathy  2017;6  
Post-herpetic neuralgia   Lidocaine 5% medicated plaster (Versatis(R)) 2017;9  
Pre-eclampsia   Aspirin helps to redcue pre-term pre-eclampsia 2017;11  
Pre-eclampsia   Pre-eclampsia 2012;10   
Pregnancy   Management of common symptoms in pregnancy 2020;8  
Pregnancy   Prescribing in Pregnancy 2020;2  
Pregnancy   Reminder about valproate (Epilim) 2020;1  
Pregnancy   Fluconazole and pregnancy 2017;4  
Pregnancy   Exposure to thiopurines during pregnancy has no impact on pre-school children 2013;6  
Pregnancy   Newer-generation antiepileptic drugs & pregnancy 2011;6  
Primary care   High risk prescribing in prmary care 2018;3  
Psoriasis   Methotrexate new measures to avoid medication errors 2020;1  
Psoriasis   Update on methotrexate 2018;9  
QT Prolongation   Covid-19 2020;4  
QT Prolongation   Risk of QT interval prolongation with citalopram & escitalopram 2012;2  
Renal Impairment   Decreased renal function & oral anticoagulants (OAC) 2020;2  
Renal disease   Creatinine clearance Vs Glomerular filtration rate 2013;6  
Respiratory Tract Infections   Antibiotic prescription strategies for uncomplicated lower respiratory tract infections 2017;9  
Respiratory Disease   Respiratory disease and air travel: BTS recommendations 2011;9  
Rheumatoid   Covid-19 2020;4  
Rheumatoid Arthritis   Oral methotrexate and risk of medication errors 2016;1  
Rhinosinusitis   Amoxicillin may offer little clinical benefit for uncomplicated acute rhinosinusitis 2012;4  
Road Traffic Accidents   Psychoactive medications increase crash risk in older drivers 2011;10  
Schizophrenia   Clozapine -monitoring for advanse events 2019;4  
Scabies   Head lice and scabies 2013;8  
Scarlet fever   How to manage scarlet fever 2017;10  
Sexually Transmitted Infections   Info on STIs for 2015 now available  2016;5  
Sexually Transmitted Infections   Guidance on STIs in primary care 2014;2  
Sexually Transmitted Infections   e-learning and Sexually Transmitted Infections 2013;12  
Sexually Transmitted Infections   Epi-Insight publishes treatment advice for GPs on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) 2012;2  
SIADH   Medication-associated syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion 2017;9  
Sleep problems   Melatonin for sleep problems in children with neurodevelopmental disorders 2015;11  
Smoking Cessation   Drugs for smoking cessation 2016;4  
Stroke   Risk of stroke and menopausal hormonal therapy 2017;9  
Stroke   How to monitor patients on non-vitmin K oral anticoagulants? 2015;10  
Stroke   Effectiveness of statin therapy after ischaemic stroke 2015;9  
Stroke    The benefits of chocolate: the news just gets better 2012;12   
Stroke   Adherence to antihypertensive therapy and stroke risk 2013;8  
Syphilis   Update on syphilis  2017;5  
Tardive dyskinesia   Restrictions recommended on use of metoclopramide in EU  2013;11  
Teratogenicity   New restrictions on use of valproate(Epilim) 2018;5  
Teratogenicity   Educational materials on valproate-containing medicines now available  2016;9  
Thromboembolism   Hormone replacement therapy and risk of venous thromboembolism 2019;2  
Thromboembolism   Relative risk of VTE with COCs 2015;7  
Thromboembolism   Risk of thromboembolism and combined hormonal contraception 2014;2  
Torsade de Pointes   Risk of QT interval prolongation with citalopram & escitalopram 2012;2  
Traveller's Diarrhoea   Traveller's Diarrhoea 2011;7  
Urinary Tract Infections   Trimethoprim use in older patients 2018;4  
Urinary Tract Infections   How to manage recurrent UTIs in non-pregnant women 2013;7  
Urinary Tract Infections   Does nitrofurantoin use during pregnancy affect neonatal outcome?  2013;3  
Urinary Tract Infections   Do cranberry-containing products have a role in preventing UTIs? 2012;8  
Vaginal Discharge   Vaginal Discharge 2013;4  
Venous Thromboembolism   CHCs and risk of thromboembolic events 2012;11  
Venous Thromboembolism   Update on oral contraceptives and venous thromboembolism 2011;11  
Venous Thromboembolism   Length of anticoagulant treatment and risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism 2011;10  
Viral Infection   Information on novel coronavirus 2020;2  
Vitamin B12 deficiency   Vitamin B12 Deficiency 2015;3  
Vulvovaginal candiddiasis   Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (RVC) 2020;7  
Zika Virus   Update on Zika 2016;7  

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