Benefits of Good Information Governance


Good information governance practice will help the hospital to ensure that, among other things:

• appropriate management and workforce structures are in place to oversee information governance arrangements
• information is used ethically in a manner that protects the rights and best interests of patients and service users
• information within computerised and paper-based systems is held securely and is accurate and available when and where it is needed. For example, in the event of an unplanned attendance/ admission
• processes and procedures for information and records management are efficient and effective
• the workforce is provided with guidance and appropriate, effective, training
• information is shared appropriately to facilitate the safe transfer and sharing of care.

Good Data Quality

Improving the quality of patient and service user information means that:

• patients and service users will receive the most appropriate treatment or care in a timely manner
• health and social care professionals can confidently rely on the information to make decisions about care, treatment and services
• health and social care professionals will be able to communicate more effectively with other professionals involved in providing services for patients and service users
• the risk posed by duplicate records will be minimised, for example by ensuring that each patient has just one record that contains all of the information necessary for the provision of their care.

Good Data Security

Improving the security of patient and service-user information using robust security processes, controls and management means that:

• the confidentiality of patient and service-user information can be maintained
• patients and service users will have increased confidence in the service provider’s ability to manage their information securely and are therefore more likely to provide accurate, up-to-date information which ultimately improves the quality of care and services they receive.

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