Patient Representative Group

Patient Engagement in the Development of a full Electronic Patient Record

St. James’s Hospital is at the forefront of developments in eHealth in Ireland. While it has the foundation of a full electronic patient record (EPR), and some excellent deployments in a number of departments, it has not yet implemented a full EPR across the whole hospital. However, the hospital, with support from the HSE, is about to embark on a project to capture all of the in-patient nursing and medical documentation electronically and directly into the EPR. It is also going to roll-out a solution for the electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) of medications across the hospital, again building on the system already in use in one busy clinic.

“Patient Centred” Developments:

We all talk about being “patient centred” in how we do things, including implementing IT systems. But are we really? In the vast majority of cases, we don’t have patients involved in the design and use of such systems. We want to change this, therefore we plan to form an eHealth Patient Representative Group.

Can you help?

We are looking for a small group (4-6) of patient volunteers who would be willing to work with the hospital over the next 18-24 months in the design and use of our EPR and other systems. It is hoped that this group could engage with us in a meaningful and more understanding way so that we can try to address their needs, requirements, concerns, etc from a technology point of view. We won’t be able to fix or do everything, but hopefully we can do things a little better.

The group would also be a significant contributor in the development of a Personal Health Record by identifying what information should be in such a record and how it should be accessed. The group would meet quarterly for a morning, afternoon or evening (whichever best suited the patients) for a few hours each on each occasion. During this time we will present what IT solutions exist to support healthcare; how we are going to improve and expand them; how your data is currently protected; and what improvements you would like to see. The agenda will be inherently fluid, allowing the group to drive same.

Time Frames and next steps:

It is proposed to have the first meeting of the group in November 2016. We will strive to get a good balance of representation on the group where possible. If you are interested in joining the group, please enter your name, contact number and / or e-mail below. If you would like to find out more information, please contact Prof. Neil O’Hare (Director of Informatics) on 01-416-2512 or

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