Staff - what can you do to make IG a success

Organisational compliance with the Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2003 depends on employees of the hospital acting in accordance with the law. Equally, you have a duty of care to our patients and their personal or sensitive information. There are some simple guidelines below that will hopefully help you in providing the best service we can to the patient and in managing and minding their information.


Keep personal health information secure. 
Ensure confidential information is not unlawfully or inappropriately accessed.

 2Icon Keep personal health information confidential
Only disclose personal health information to those who legitimately need to know in order to carry out their role.
3icon Ensure that the personal health information you use is obtained fairly
Inform patients and service users of the reason their information is being collected.
4Icon Make sure the information you use is correct.
Ensure the information you record is accurate, legible and complete, and verify personal information with patients and service users.
 5Icon Comply with the law and local policies and procedures.
Ignorance of the law is not usually a defense for breach.
 6icon Communicate clearly
You should be able to clearly explain why you require the information you have requested, the purpose to which personal information may be put and with whom the information may be shared.
 7icon Know who to contact for advice.
Make sure that patients and service users are aware of the routes through which a complaint about the use of their information can be made.







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