Inside James's Television Series

Inside James's Television Series

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Dear Patient,

We would like to inform you that we are taking part in a four-part television documentary
series called Inside James’s (working title). The series will tell the story of life inside St.
James’s, documenting the experiences of both our patients and our staff.

Both the hospital and the programme makers (Independent Pictures) respect your privacy,
and patients, visitors and staff will not be featured without their permission.

To find out more you can:

• Contact our Communications Office: 01 410 3002
• Visit our website:
• Contact the Producers from Independent Pictures;

Ciara Kerrigan: 086 843 8167
Carrie Nathan: 087 673 5738
Zlata Filipovic: 087 772 6236.

Warm wishes,
Lorcan Birthistle
St. James’s Hospital

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