Medication Safety

Medication Safety

The World Health Organisation has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of the safety issues related to medication use and the need for safer medication practices  - the Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm,

The message of the global campaign for patients and healthcare professionals regarding medications is ‘KNOW. CHECK. ASK’. This encourages and empowers both patients and their caregivers and health care professionals (for example nurses, physicians, pharmacists) to take an active role in ensuring safer medication practices and medication use processes..

In response to the WHO campaign and to the results of the National Patient Experience Survey St James’s Hospital will be taking part in a poster campaign which encourages patients to ask questions about their medications and staff involved in the medication use process to be familiar with the medications they are accessing. The posters which are adapted from those designed by the WHO and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, Canada will be displayed on the display boards in the hospital and they can be viewed at the link below.

Patient Poster

Staff Poster

5 Questions to ask

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