Project Oak Launch

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‌Welcome to EPR Project Oak which was launched on Wednesday the 5th April 2017. 
This project is looking to extend the existing Cerner EPR functionality in St James’s Hospital and will include:

• Electronic Nursing Documentation
• Electronic Physician Documentation
• E-prescribing and Administration (ePMA)

Phase 1 implementation-inpatient wards

What we are doing for Project Oak?

• Capture of Nursing Documentation
    · End of Bed Notes and Forms
    · Admission and Assessment Documentation
    · Directly into the EPR – not written and scanned!
• Capture of Physician Documentation into EPR
    · Clinical Notes, Forms and Orders
    · Worklists
    · Task Management
• ePrescribing and Medicines Administration(ePMA)
    · Full Drug Catalogue with Order Sentences
    · Clinical Support
    · Electronic Discharge Process
• Devices across the wards to support these development
    · WOWS (Work Stations on Wheels)
    · PCs
    · Tablets
• Complete refresh of hospital IT network.

If you have any queries regarding this project please email:

For those of you who would like more information or missed the event please see below all main presentations from the event.

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Project Oak - The Roots and Branches

Vincent Callan - RFID Project

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