R&I Framework

SJH Framework

The St. James’s Hospital Research and Innovation (R&I) Steering Committee (formerly the R&D Hub), have recently completed work on a Hospital Research Governance and Support Framework (link below), which was signed-off on Monday 21st August 2017.

The framework document centres around 4 main initial objective areas: Support, Financial Governance, Approval, and Communication / Promotion, with a series of associated work stream action points.

The strong research culture and research capabilities are some of the strengths we are proudest of here at St. James’s Hospital, and we wish to be able to showcase, build upon, and future proof these strengths, making the campus an improved, quality assured, patient outcome-focused and attractive place to conduct research.

It is hoped that the framework document will be of value to facilitate future decision making, further creating an environment where research is valued and supported to increase the output, visibility and utilisation of high-impact and innovative research that is of benefit to our patients.

Research Governance and Support Framework (PDF 1,316Kb)

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