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How can I make a FOI Request to the St. James’s Hospital?
Can I get access to any information that I seek?
Is there a charge for getting information under the FOI Acts?
What if I am not satisfied with the decision on my FOI request?
What if I am not satisfied with the decision on internal review?
Can I get help in making a request?
Do I always need to make a FOI request to get information from the Hospital?
Where can I get more information on FOI?

FOI Publications

Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 requires FOI bodies to prepare and publish as much information as possible in an open and accessible manner on a routine basis outside of FOI, having regard to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability as set out in Sections 8(5) and 11(3) of the Act. This allows for the publication or giving of records outside of FOI provided that such publication or giving of access is not prohibited by law. The scheme commits FOI bodies to make information available as part of their normal business activities in accordance with this scheme.

Please find St. James’s Hospital FOI Publication Scheme below. Each link in the table leads to a page comprising relevant information in the category or as links to relevant information on the St. James’s Hospital Website. If the information you require cannot be found here, you may wish to conduct a search on the website, or to contact the St. James’s Hospital FOI Office - / 01416 2463. If the information is not currently made publicly available by St. James’s Hospital, you may consider making a Freedom of Information Request.

General Information about St. James’s Hospital.

Information on Services/Specialties provided.

Information on Decision making Procedures

  • Major policy proposals including any public consultation exercises
  • Background information relating to major policy proposals and decisions
  • Reports on the operation of public services by the FOI body
  • Expenditure reviews, Policy assessments

Financial Information

  • Financial Information
  • Major plans for Capital Expenditure
  • Payments or Purchase Orders for goods and services
  • Governance Board Member remuneration

Procurement Information

  • Procurement policies
  • Current tender competitions and public contracts awarded eTenders website

Other information

  • FOI Disclosure Log

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 requires Freedom of Information (FOI) bodies such as St. James’s Hospital to publish a disclosure log, which contains details of the types of requests received under FOI from May 2016 and the decisions made by the body in response to those requests.

St. James’s FOI Disclosure Log will be available for download from this page in due course.

Disclosures are listed in order of the date the request was received by the hospital. Please note that, for privacy reasons, identifying information such as the name of the requester is not included in the disclosure log.

  • Reports
  • Information held by the body which is sought regularly
  • Hospital Board minutes EMG minutes Medical Board

FOI Disclosure Log - 1st Quarter 2017

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