Patient Quiet Rooms

SJH Staff generate funds to create Quiet Rooms for the Hospital

In February 2014 the staff of St. James’s Hospital (SJH) identified the need for a designated space for patients and their families away from the hustle and bustle of the busy hospital.  Born out of personal experience for many as well as a duty of care to patients and their families, the staff came together and set themselves the challenge of raising funds to build four quiet rooms.  In the current economic climate, this would not be easy but such was the resolve that staff worked tirelessly in an effort to raise the much needed funds.

Approaches were made to several organisations for assistance with fund raising efforts without success. Not to be deterred, our staff came together and gave generously of personal time and energy in working towards their shared goal of building the quiet rooms.  The Secret Ingredient cookbook was developed as well as other fund raising activities such as cake sales, raffles, sponsored shaves and many other events.

Only one year later we are delighted to report that sufficient funds have now been raised and work will commence on the creation of the first two quiet rooms shortly.  The commitment and energy of St. James’s Hospital staff and the support from members of the public has ensured this dream is now becoming a reality.

These rooms will provide a place for people to gather their thoughts and take in information they’ve received giving all involved space and time in a soothing environment at a critical time.

This project is only happening as a result of the willingness of SJH staff and our community to go above and beyond the call of duty to make our patients’ journey a little easier to bear.
Congratulations and a huge thank you to one and all.


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