What to bring for your stay

  • Admission Card
  • Medical Card or Health Insurance Card
  • Bed attire (Nightdress / Pyjamas / Dressing Gown / Slippers)
  • Toiletries / Towels
  • All medication/inhalers/tablets you are currently taking (you will be asked to send these home after they have been checked)
  • Small amounts of cash (if you wish to make purchases during your stay)
  • Contact numbers of 2 different next of kin who can be available 24 hours a day
  • You are strongly advised to leave jewellery (other than wedding band) and valuables at home.
  • The use of mobile phones is not permitted in ward areas.  Please note that due to Health & Safety Regulations electrical equipment, such as mobile phone chargers or plug in radios, cannot be brought into the hospital.

The Hospital Authorities are not responsible for any valuables, money or other articles that you bring with you.

Tabacco Free Campus