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Road traffic accidents

The Health (Amendment) Act 1986 requires the hospital to levy the following charges upon a person who has been the victim of a road traffic accident (RTA):

  • The Emergency Department statutory charge is €100 
  • The Emergency Department RTA charge is €406
  • The inpatient daily fee is €935.77 per day and an additional statutory fee of €80 per day is charged for the first 10 days. This statutory charge can accumulate to a maximum of €800 in any 12 month period
  • The RTA outpatient charge €170 per attendance
  • RTA physiotherapy charge is €170 per attendance
  • If a patient chooses to be treated privately, accommodation charges will apply in addition to the above RTA charges (€813 per day for a semi-private room, and €1,000 per day for a private room).