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International Cancer Clinical Trials Day

20 May, 2022

Learn more about the development and value of cancer clinical trials

The Cancer Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU) at SJH and the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at SJH work very closely together sharing knowledge, expertise and resources. Since January 2021 the CCTU review clinics and treatment clinics have been conducted in the CRF day ward and consultation rooms. This sharing of infrastructure across the two largest research units in SJH has allowed cancer clinical trial patients to be treated in a purpose built research facility. The knowledge sharing between the two units has been mutually beneficial and that will ultimately benefit our patients, allowing us to open up more complex trials and early phase trials.

Gabriel’s story:

Following diagnosis of oesophageal cancer in 2020, I was asked to participate in a clinical drug trial.

After initial concerns about possible side-effects, frequency of scans, length of the trial, I agreed. These issues are no longer of concern.

Participation in the trial has provided regular monitoring of my illness and the round-the-clock support has given me reassurance and peace of mind. It has also been beneficial in helping me learn so much more about my illness and in giving me a greater understanding of the treatment I am receiving.  Thankfully, my response to the treatment has been favourable.

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Ingrid Kiernan, Cancer Clinical Trials Unit Manager

‘Working in clinical trials is very interesting but challenging, no two days are the same. I have been involved in 100’s of clinical trials over the years and it’s very heartening to see some patients deriving benefit from these trials. The clinical trials landscape has changed dramatically since I started working in SJH, in the early days the data collection was paper-based, now everything is electronic and trials are much more complex now which can be a challenge for hospital sites. That withstanding we continually strive to open as many trials as we can and broaden our portfolio. It takes the same time and effort to open a clinical trial that will recruit 20 patients as it does for a clinical trial that recruits 1 patient but my role and the role of our unit is to open such niche trials as well as the large recruiting ones. That trial could be life-changing for that 1 patient and that is what I enjoy about working in clinical research’

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If you want to learn more about cancer clinical trials, please contact:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

(01) 410 3754 or (01) 410 3752