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As a multidisciplinary team, we strive to enable patients to achieve all the goals and objectives needed to maintain the highest levels of independence and physical and emotional wellbeing in a safe and friendly environment. We are committed to providing holistic, person-centred care and believe that to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients we must work together as a team with their families, friends and carers as appropriate. We make every effort to maintain dignity and also to promote independence for all patients.

  • There are five inpatients wards:

    • George Frederic Handel Ward (located on the 2nd floor of the MISA building) is a 29-bedded neurovascular rehabilitation ward for patients who have suffered from a stroke, otherwise known as a cerebral vascular accident.
    • Patrick Kavanagh Ward (located on the 3rd floor of the MISA building) is a 29 bedded elective admissions and assessment unit. Our cohort of patients usually present with an acute medical condition with pre-existing or multiple comorbidities.
    • Rialto Ward (located on the 4th floor of the MISA building) is a 29 bedded rehabilitation ward. Patients transferred for rehabilitation are assessed and treated by the multidisciplinary team. Treatment includes goal setting that is meaningful to the patient. All therapeutic services are provided either in the therapeutic suites in MISA or are ward-based.
    • Kilmainham Ward (located on the 5th floor of the MISA building) is a 29 bedded transitional care ward. Patients transferred for transitional care have completed their acute phase of care and are awaiting long term care placement or discharge home, with home care supports. These patients have a structured discharge plan and a planned discharge date in place.
    • Mary Mercers Ward (located on ground floor of the main hospital) is a 31 bedded acute medical assessment unit for persons over the age of 65. Patients who are admitted from the Emergency Department, outpatient clinics and the Robert Mayne Day Hospital who require further acute treatment, are admitted directly to Mary Mercers Ward.