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Applications 2020

Applications 2020

Last year the Research and Innovation (R&I) Office celebrated its sixth year in operation. The office maintains oversight of hospital based research-related activity, in addition to supporting the research culture on campus. The office has just published its 2020 annual report, with some key outputs outlined. 

In 2020, 458 applications were received and processed via the R&I Office, an increase of 105 on the previous year.

Of the 433 approved applications, 45% were categorised as Clinical Research and 55% as Clinical Audit / Service Evaluation. This number included seven Medical Device Trials and 34 Clinical Trials.

Read the annual report 2020 here: R&I Annual Report 2020

Applications 2019

Applications 2019

In 2019, the Research & Innovations Office received and processed 353 applications under the following categories:

Clinical Research (n=159)

Service evaluation (n=62)

Clinical Audit / Usual Practice Project (n=103)

Quality Improvement (n=6) 

This number has increased exponentially year-on-year since the programme began, see Table 1.