Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Educating the next generation of leaders in cancer care and research

Directed by Professor Jacintha O’Sullivan, this internationally competitive integrated education and learning platform in cancer is composed of four structured programmes addressing the educational needs of our cancer researchers and those connected with delivering cancer care.

In programme 1, this will be a structured Ph.D. programme for both scientists and clinical fellows pursuing Ph.D. studies. For this 4 year training programme, each trainee will integrate into a research training environment where the students will have 2 supervisors and conduct research rotations prior to choosing their specific oncology research area of interest. They will take education modules from our internationally recognised master programmes. These competitive Ph.D. research scholarships will also include an International Mobility Exchange as part of their research training with internationally recognised Cancer Institutes in Europe and in the USA.

In programme 2, this education programme will train junior/senior postdoctoral fellows and senior research fellows in research areas that complement our major research themes in the Institute. Career development, mentoring and teaching opportunities will play an integral part of this training, allowing us to both retain and attract internationally competitive candidates.

In programme 3, structured oncology modules will be delivered to scientist and health care professionals and will cover areas such as principles of cancer prevention, diagnostics, therapeutics, survivorship and clinical trials. Personalised flexible education pathways will be designed for trainees across all disciplines.

In programme 4, this will cover cancer patient education and outreach work within the Cancer Institute to enhance Public and Patient Involvement in cancer research.

The Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute, the hub for oncology education aims to provide an integrated education and learning experience of the highest quality to fully address the needs of all learners by:

  • Developing the highest quality curricula, teaching methods and programmes, and evaluate and improve the effectiveness of these educational activities using internal and external reviews.
  • Recruiting outstanding and diverse students to our programmes and providing education in the knowledge, skills and core competencies necessary for career success.