Patient Experience

Patient Experience


Parking is limited and we experience a high demand for parking at certain times during the busy weekday periods. Delays may be experienced in accessing our car parks during these times.

Our car park is particularly busy from 9.30am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday.  

At busy times, our traffic management staff are on the ground directing traffic, and visitors are asked to follow their directions.

Where feasible, you may wish to consider accessing our campus other than by car.

Alternative Parking
St James’s Hospital has partnered with Thomas Street Car Park to facilitate additional car parking for short-stay outpatient attendances Thomas Street Car Park is a secure, bright, purpose-built, multi-storey car park with onsite security. The car park is located 12 minutes (1km) away on foot and is serviced by Dublin Bus route 123 (every 10 minutes during peak hours).

Thomas St. Parking Guide

Thomas St. Parking QR Code

If you wish to drive to the hospital, there is limited onsite parking available in the underground car park, with direct access to the main entrance concourse. Where possible we encourage you to use public transport to travel to and from the hospital.


Parking costs:

0 - 10 minutes free
0 - 1 hour €2.50
1 - 2 hours €5.00
2 - 3 hours €7.50
3 - 4 hours €10.00
4 - 5 hours €12.50
5 - 6 hours €15.00
6 - 24 hours €15.00

There are three payment machines; one is located inside the main entrance to the concourse beside the ATM/bank machine and two are in the underground car park next to the lifts. You may also pay at the Car Park Customer Services desk, near the exit of the underground car park.

Contactless card payments are available at pay stations at both locations.

Patient drop off/collection

There are designated set down zones for the drop off and collection of patients. These zones are designed as an area whereby one can stop and allow someone to alight from a vehicle and move to find a more appropriate place to park/wait.

These zones are located at;

  • The main hospital concourse
  • Hospital 1 and 2 entrance
  • Patient Flow Lounge
  • Hospital 4
  • Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA)/Hospital 5

A 10-minute set-down rule applies, but we accommodate those who present and request further assistance.

Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement measures apply to all vehicles parking on the campus. Please ensure you park appropriately and in parking designated for the general public only. Failure to do so will result in your vehicle being clamped and a release fee of €24 applies. This is in the interest of safety and to ensure the free flow of traffic around the site.  

You are liable to be clamped if your vehicle is;

  • Causing a hazard or obstruction on the campus, for example on a clearway
  • Illegally parked, for example on a double yellow line or in a set-down area
  • Parked in a designated staff parking area
  • Parked in emergency on-call parking.  

Disabled parking  

On the St James’s Hospital Campus, there are 27 designated disabled parking spaces; 19 of which are located near to the pedestrian entrances for ease of access.

Holders of a valid disability parking pass (Blue Badge) can park in these designated-on street accessible disabled parking bays free of charge, for an unlimited time unless otherwise stated. The Blue Badge must be displayed in the vehicle when using these spaces. Any vehicle parking in a disabled parking space without the appropriate permit on display is liable to be clamped.

These spaces are located at:

  • 10 disabled parking spaces at the entrance to our Outpatient Department
  • 5 disabled parking spaces outside Hospital 5 – the Diabetic Day Care Centre
  • 2 disabled parking spaces at the front of Hospital 4
  • 2 disabled parking spaces at the Clinical Pathology Laboratory building.

Unfortunately, the standard tariff for parking applies to disabled parking located within the tariffed car parks, which are the Underground Car Park and the Private Clinic Car Park; the Blue Badge scheme does not apply here. These designated disabled parking spaces are close to the pedestrian entrances and lifts, to allow for ease of access and are located at: 

  • 6 disabled parking spaces adjacent to the lifts in the Underground Car Park
  • 2 disabled parking spaces at the Private Clinic Car Park.

St James’s Hospital recognises the financial burden that the frequent use of paid parking can cause. We do offer concessionary parking to our patients who access treatment on a frequent and ongoing basis. Patients are advised to contact the Clinical Nurse Manager within the area where they are receiving their treatment, who will arrange the concessionary rate for them.

Luas Park & Ride Car Parks

The Luas Red Line offers direct access to St James’s Hospital from the Red Cow, Tallaght, and Cheeverstown Park & Ride car parks. 

Numerous Irish Rail stations also have park and ride facilities. In order to find information on car parking availability, please go to the find a station section, input your station name and scroll down to  Parking & Transport Links.