Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Professor Breida Boyle

Consultant Microbiologist

Speciality: Clinical microbiology 

Professor Boyle is a consultant microbiologist at St James’s Hospital and a clinical associate professor in Trinity College Dublin. She is the Deputy Medical Director of the National Interim Gonococcal Reference Laboratory and has involvement at european level in medical microbiology. Her specialty development includes being treasurer of the European Union Committee of Medical Specialists - Multidisciplinary Joint Committee in Infection Control.

  • Professor Boyle's specialist interests are in medical education including concept instigator and curricula author at undergraduate, post graduate and fellowship level. This takes in the Masters in Healthcare Infection (Management), post CSCST clinical microbiology fellowship in transplantation medicine - haemopoietic stem cell national transplant coordination and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate theses.

    • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Ireland
    • Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, London
    • Fellow of the Faculty of Pathology, Royal College of Physicians Ireland
    • Member of the European Union Committee of Medical Specialists, Subspecialty Medical Microbiology Committee
    • Member UEMS-SMM examination subgroup and Liaison officer UEMS-SMM to European Committee on Infection Control (EUCIC)
    • Member/reviewer of numerous National Advisory/Guidance Committees/Bodies, including NCCP, HPSC, NDTP and Enterprise Ireland
  • Professor Boyle’s main research interests are healthcare associated infection including aspects of prevention and economics of healthcare associated infection. She has published and presented internationally on a wide range of clinical microbiology topics including; infection therapeutics, MDROs, H. pylori, CDI, zoonosis, antimicrobial diagnostic stewardship and translational microbiology.

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