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Dr Vivion Crowley

Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Speciality: Chemical pathology

Dr Crowley is a graduate of University College Cork Medical School and is consultant chemical pathologist and head of the hospital’s Biochemistry Department. He has consultant responsibility for the clinical biochemistry diagnostic services in the hospital’s Laboratory Medicine Directorate, including oversight of the ISO15189 accredited quality management system operating within this laboratory.

Dr Crowley runs a metabolic clinic with a specialist interest in the clinical management and laboratory diagnostic aspects of acute and chronic hepatic porphyrias, for which the laboratory provides national genetic and biochemical diagnostic services. In addition, the clinical service also manages patients with genetic dyslipidaemias, for example familial hypercholesterolaemia and certain genetic endocrine disorders such as familial partial lipodystrophy.

For a number of years Dr Crowley was national speciality director for the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland's Higher Specialist Training Programme in chemical pathology and he is currently a clinical trainer in this programme. Dr Crowley is also a senior lecturer in metabolic disease at Trinity College Dublin.

    • Development and optimisation of laboratory methods and techniques for use in biochemical genetic diagnostic services
    • Understanding the epidemiology and mechanisms of disease of both acute hepatic porphyrias and cutaneous porphyrias
    • Epidemiology and mechanisms of disease in familial hypercholesterolaemia and other genetic dyslipidaemias
    • The application of bioinformatics and machine learning algorithms in the clinical interpretation of genetic data
    • Clinical and laboratory performance characterisation of diagnostic biochemical tests.
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