Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Modified Belfast Regime for Flexor Tendon Repairs

Patient Information Sheet

The injury that you sustained damaged the tendon(s) that bend your finger(s). These tendon(s) were repaired during surgery. You will have been sent home in a cast to allow you to rest for the first few days following your surgery.

At your first hand therapy appointment you will be provided with a splint by the hand therapist to protect your tendon(s) whilst they heal. The rehabilitation programme is designed to protect your repaired tendon(s) but allow your hand to move as much as possible to prevent stiffness and scarring. It is very important that you only do the exercises described and follow all instructions carefully.

Your therapist will guide you through this process.

You should contact St James’s Hospital at 01 4162305 and ask for Hand Therapy if:

  • You are suddenly unable to bend your finger(s).
  • You are concerned that you may have an infection. Some signs of infection are: increased redness around the wound, throbbing, increased swelling, a fever, and discharge from the wound that is foul smelling or coloured.

The Splint

The splint protects your repaired tendons to allow them to heal.
The splint must be worn full time for six weeks.
Do not remove your splint. Do not use your hand for any purpose. 

Please follow the pictures and desciption to complete the following exercises.

Aim to complete these exercises every 2 hours.

Exercises 1. Passive Flexion


Open the top strap across your fingers.
Support your hand in the splint on a table.
Use your other hand to bend each fingertip individually into the palm.
Make sure all three finger joints are bent fully.

Repeat a minimum 5 times.
This exercise can be performed as many times as is necessary to overcome any stiffness in your fingers.

Exercises 2. Active Finger flexion/Extension


Gently bend all of your fingers towards the palm of your hand and then straighten them back to the splint.

  • You may not have full movement at the start of your therapy. The movement will improve over six weeks.
  • Do not use your other hand to push your finger back during the exercises. This could damage your tendon repair.
  • When you have completed this series of exercises reapply the strap to your fingers and tighten the wrist strap

Repeat 5 times

Exercise 3.

Stretch your elbow and shoulder every 2 hours.
Raise your arm over your head and back down by your side 5-10 times.
This will help to keep your shoulder and elbow moving.