Patient Experience

Patient Experience

The Occupational Health Department promotes staff health and wellbeing. It protects staff at work from acquiring occupational diseases and infections by screening and running vaccination clinics.

We offer a confidential service to staff. We work with sick and absent employees to rehabilitate and help them return to work, where possible, and recommend necessary changes where required.

  • We offer the following services to staff:

    • Pre-employment health screening
    • Occupational health physician review

    Other services offered include:

    • Needle stick/sharps exposure management
    • Contact tracing and follow up regarding TB and varicella, meningitis, brucella and other outbreak exposures
    • Ergonomic advice
    • Sickness absence management
    • Flu vaccination from September to January
    • Staff counselling referral to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
    • Manual handling assessment in relation to work-related issues

    Provision of immunity records: Please allow three working days by post and two working days for collection.

  • This service can be accessed via the St James’s Hospital staff intranet, by email or phone.

    We also facilitate drop-in clinics. Please see the opening times below:

    • Monday, 10am to 12pm
    • Tuesday, 10am to 12pm
    • Wednesday, 2pm to 3pm
    • Friday, 10am to 12pm
Contact Details

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

How to find us

Brookfield Clinic, 2 Brookfield Road

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