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Creativity and arts contributes to healthy ageing. Creative Life is one of four pillars within the Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing, St James’s Hospital at the intersection of our hospital and community.

Creative Life promotes an “art and health” model and is inclusive of creative therapies. Simultaneously, distinguishing and respecting the differences to both professional approaches to arts in how they contribute to healthy ageing and wellbeing across the life-course with different outcomes. 

This programme has been in development since 2017, in order to refine and design a model of the integration of arts, healthy ageing and wellbeing programme within MISA, St James’s Hospital, working with partnerships e.g. NCAD, IMMA, Creative Ireland, Arts Council, TCD, and community artists.

Creativity benefits both staff wellbeing and enhances the workplace, while arts contributes to patient’s experiences while in hospital.

Creative Life’s next challenges are scalability within hospital- healthcare systems to incorporate sustainability within a hospital system.

The programme provides:

Contextual learning for artists and musicians to optimise working within this acute hospital.

Supports people at every age to access and learn more about arts through participation, education and appreciation. Namely, hospital staff, artists, patients, and older people living within the community, who are exploring creativity through various arts practices to celebrate their creative side, therefore contributing to self-care and wellbeing.

An arts and health programme based on global best practices in the area of “arts and health” a purposed designed model focus on experiential learning, respecting all pedagogical approaches which are inclusive within interdisciplinary collaborations across arts and health sectors.

For more information, contact.

Roisin Nevin
Creative Life Coordinator,
Creative Life Office,
Ground Floor,
St James’s Hospital,
Dublin 8
01 410 3055 / 

  • Since the establishment of the Creative Life programme in MISA from April 2017, Roisin Nevin as Creative Life Coordinator has developed the creative programmes successfully in MISA, St James’s Hospital within a new socially innovative “art, health and wellbeing” space incrementally over five years. Roisin's involved stakeholder engagement from the start, to tailor a more inclusive programme across disciplines to integrate arts within the hospital, moreover to optimise the work of artists into a complex health system. Roisin manages the Creative Life programme to date.

    Working with key partnerships since 2017, Roisin has collaborated with NCAD, IMMA, Bealtaine/Age and Opportunity, Dublin Castle and TCD on many national projects with shared goals accomplished to bring an awareness, programmes, education and a new narrative of the benefits which arts brings to health across the life course.

    Roisin helped set up the MISA Choir with some support from Dublin Culture Connects, St James’s Hospital Foundation and MIRA funding from 2017 to December 2019. Roisin managed the MISA choir week to week, with Norah Walsh as Choir Director. The choir grew to over 40 participants from over the age of 50 years and was dementia inclusive. Participants included patients, older people locally and from surrounding counties met each Monday morning for a cup of tea and choir rehearsals in MISA. Norah Walsh led the MISA Choir to many performances. Roisin connected with DIFF in the Digital Hub, Festival of NeuroScience TCD, St James’s Church for Culture Night to showcase the MISA Choir within the local community.

    More recently, in February 2020, Roisin worked with MISA, St James’s Hospital, Maloney O’Beirne and the Arts Council to select and install art pieces from the Arts Council national art collections. This provided access to both patients and staff to view and enjoy works from some of Ireland’s best artists.

    Roisin helped secure funding from successful applications during the summer of 2020 to respond and support wellbeing during the pandemic, thanks to of St James’s Hospital Foundation and Creative Ireland. This funding was key to adapt the programme as a creative response to help support hospital staff wellbeing which was essential at that time and continues to this day which enhances care for patients. Patients who wished to participate. This integrated arts programme included artists in residencies and working with street artists.

    Roisin’s professional background is nursing (BNS), with experience ranging from clinical ward level to clinical research over twenty years, for example working as a research nurse collecting data in WAVE 1 and WAVE 3 TILDA TCD study. Roisin’s arts background range from producer level to production manager in film productions, mostly short films; a TG4 Laisir, and documentary development. Working on international productions which included working with the Dalai Lama’s office, music cultural productions in France and North Africa. Roisin was co-founder of a cross-community independent film festival Mid-Ulster Film Festival from 2003 Roisin worked with the Kansas City Irish Festival at committee and board level to help develop networks in Ireland and the Mid-West US with local Irish American communities.

    Roisin completed a Masters in Health Services Management in TCD, with dissertation focus Supporting Staff Wellbeing during Covid-19 through Creativity, Learnings from an Integrated Arts and Health Programme in Ireland. Roisin recently completed a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with UCD in 2022.

  • Creative Life has collaborated at our intersection of our hospital and community.

    Creative Life has worked across hospital departments; MedEl, ICU – SACC department, HOPe Directorate, QSID and across disciplines medicine, nursing, allied health professionals, security, and patient supports.

    Creative Life has partnered with national arts, cultural and educational organisations; Creative Ireland, Arts Council, IMMA, NCAD, Age and Opportunity, Dublin Castle, TCD and community artists.