Coronavirus Covid-19 Information

St James’s Hospital is absolutely delighted to be part of an exciting initiative to reshape our work environment which aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of nurses and clinicians and consequently improve patient care and safety. Mental health and wellbeing are among the highest priorities of the public health agenda in the European Union (EU). High rates of job dissatisfaction and burnout among nurses and doctors has been revealed in previous studies. Underlying causes are frequently rooted within the work environment. We expect that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) may aggravate these workplace conditions and the impact on healthcare workers’ mental health, what makes the study even more relevant and timely.

Magnet® designation is awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre recognising nursing excellence and quality patient care. Being a Magnet ®Hospital has been shown to bring external prestige, improved patient outcomes and nursing satisfaction and retention. There are currently 552 Magnet® hospitals in 12 countries, with 2 in Europe.

Magnet Hospital Locations and current numbers

USA - 538

Belgium – 1

Taiwan – 1

Saudi Arabia - 3

England – 1

Japan – 1

Australia -2

Jordan – 1

China -1

UAE - 1

Lebanon – 1

Canada – 1

Magnet4Europe is the largest research project of its kind, which will run over 3 years and involves 60 hospitals over five European countries (Ireland, Belgium, England, Germany, and Sweden). Each individual hospital will be twinned with an established Magnet® Hospital in the US. St James’s Hospital has been twinned with the Long Island Jewish Medical Centre in New York.

The objective of the study is to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the Magnet Model® in achieving improved clinical work environments, staff mental health and wellbeing; productivity, patient outcomes and cost effectiveness.

The Irish component of the study will be led by Professor Jonathan Drennan from The School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork. The St James's Hospital project team will be led by Sharon Slattery, Director of Nursing and co-ordinated by Charlotte Stuart, ADoN, SACC Ambulatory Care.

Mental health issues such as depression and fatigue often affect healthcare professionals in acute hospital environments but may be more intensely felt following what has been stressful and difficult year.  This study will be a fantastic opportunity for staff to get involved to facilitate change and implement strategies that will ultimately improve wellbeing which is especially timely with the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, both personally and professionally.