Patient Experience

Patient Experience

The SCOPe HSCP Directorate represents a subset of five Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) in St James’s Hospital – Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy Services and Medical Social Work.

This group of disciplines shares a lot in common. Their expertise is used to support prevention, diagnosis and to promote self-management, recovery and well-being. Their shared skills of improvement science, research, technology and the ability to integrate services across organisational boundaries underpin their practice. SCOPe HSCP provide care on most clinical pathways in St James’s Hospital (SJH) and the group represents 8% of the clinical workforce.  

In 2021, the new role of SCOPe HSCP Director was created to build on the Directorate’s solid foundation. This development, together with the publication of the SJH Strategic Ambition, signalled a need to refresh and renew the direction of the SCOPe Directorate.

Full details of the SCOPe Strategic Roadmap 2023 – 2026 are available in the Flipbook below. This document sets out how we plan to deliver on the SJH Strategic Programme for our patients, staff, partners and the health services. It represents the vision, mission and values of our team together with the strategic priorities we will implement to optimise the impact of SCOPe HSCP services. 

SCOPe Strategic Roadmap 2023-2026

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Department Contact Numbers

SCOPe: (01) 410 3583
Social Work: (01) 416 2565
Clinical Nutrition: (01) 416 2180
Occupational Therapy: (01) 416 2305
Physiotherapy: (01) 416 2503
Speech and Language Therapy: (01) 416 2471

  • See individual SCOPe departments linked below for referral information:

    Speech and Language Therapy,

    Medical Social Work.

    Clinical Nutrition

    Occupational Therapy

    Physiotherapy Services

  • Across the SCOPe Directorate there are basic, senior, clinical tutor, team leader, clinical specialist, deputy and manager grades along with assistant and clerical support.

    Basic or entry staff rotate into different specialties to gain experience and help them select the speciality they wish to pursue their careers in.

    Professional support for staff

    All staff members take part in clinical supervision or professional development planning sessions. Internal and external training is encouraged; this can be professional specific training, multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary.

    Many of our staff are involved in hospital, community and national groups representing both their profession and also the wider health and social care professions.

  • SCOPe departments host open mornings, usually in April and/ or October. These open mornings are aimed at 4th, 5th and 6th year secondary level students interested in pursuing a career in one or more of the five professions within the SCOPe Directorate. Notification and further information on how to enroll prior to these events will be posted on this page and on the hospital’s social media platforms.

  • SCOPe has developed a culture of audit and research over many years. The need for progression and development of research among the therapy professions is now well recognised across the health service and has been addressed in many publications:

    • Evidence-based practice
    • Outcome measurement
    • Meeting of accredited standards
    • Value for money
    • Development of specialist knowledge and skill
    • Capacity building in therapy research
    • Facilitation of best practice across the continuum of health and social care in the therapy professions
    • Promotion and development of a culture of lifelong learning
    • Enabling therapy staff to reach their full potential

    With 26 clinical specialists working across SCOPe services and close teamwork, SCOPe is ideally placed to undertake research.

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Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

How to find us

SCOPe Office, Occupational Therapy building

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