Patient Experience

Patient Experience

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Our ward occupancy is for twenty-eight patients (five wards with five beds in each and three single negative pressure rooms). We care for patients with medical conditions, such as dementia and complex TB cases. Our patients would have a complex discharge plan either to long term care or discharge home with a home care package. We have an excellent MDT who ensure that our patients get the best care and most appropriate discharge destination to meet their needs. As we care for patients with dementia, our staff are well equipped to deal with challenging behaviors

  • Nursing Metrics: Our nursing team regularly achieves 100% in local medication management metrics.
  • Successful complex discharge planning.
  • We are experts in providing care for patients with TBand have a dedicated TB unit within the ward.
  • Quality: Our ward was a pilot site for patient quality initiatives such as Get up, get dressedand the ECO (Enhanced Care Order) initiative.

Patient feedback:

“Staff are very helpful, well-mannered and good at their work.

They are super-efficient. Staff are kind.” 

Intern nurse’s feedback:

“A great ward to get experience and time to do medications and to actually get to know your patients.”

Previous nurses: “It has been a year and four months of hard work and memories. Thank you all for helping me grow during this time and being a great team to work with.”

“You have all been my mentors, confidants and my friends. I will take all of the knowledge and experience I have gained here with me. I will remember all of the laughter and the time we have spent together. Thank you for your endless support and friendship.”

  • Clinical exposure to all acute medical conditions and specialising in tuberculosis (TB). We are the national referral hospital for TB patients.
  • Become part of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) that specialises in complex discharge planning.
  • Flexible hours, self-rostering and internal transfer opportunities.
  • Opportunities to work alongside specialist nurses, gaining expertise that will positively impact on your nursing practice and career progression.
  • Access to patient and staff garden located adjacent to the ward.
  • Medical/ surgical course
  • Dementia and frailty course
  • National TB Conference attendance
  • Refresher programme for nurses 
  • Venepuncture and cannulation training
  • Link nurses programme.
  • Postgraduate programme in Respiratory care. 

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