Patient Experience

Patient Experience

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Private One ward is a thirty-bedded, acute mixed medical ward including oncology, haematology and palliative care patients. 

Among a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses, we commonly treat patients living with heart failure, respiratory failure and  cardiology conditions. 

On the ward you will have the opportunity to learn and practice venepuncture/cannulation, central venous access devices (CVAD) care, telemetry monitoring, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) care, chest drain management and pre/post procedure care. 

Private 1 ward is a great ward to gain experience and develop a solid foundation in nursing practice , as there is great exposure to a wide variety of conditions.

Staff recognition: One of our nurses was the recipient of the first-ever DAISY® Award in St James’s Hospital. 

Palliative care: We have extensive experience in providing end of life care. We aspire to provide high-standard palliative care for patients and loved ones.

Professional growth and autonomy within a well-coordinated, dynamic, cohesive team. We foster a friendly and supportive work environment, making our ward a fun place to work.

“Nothing, at any time of the day or night, was too much! The love shown to my mother by all staff on P1, I will remember forever…all treated my mother equally and with much care and kindness”

 “Thank you for your care, manners, dedication and professionalism. You are lovely people. Be proud of yourselves”

“We don’t think of ourselves as individual Private 1 staff, we think of ourselves as Private 1 family!” (staff member Annette Thompson)



  • Exposure to a wide variety of medical conditions which provides an excellent platform for ongoing professional development .
  • Opportunity to obtain haematology/oncology experience.
  • Devleop management skills ward-based initiative to allow nurses opportunitites to manage the ward with support from senior staff.
  • Structured ward-specific education plan for new nurses to the ward.
  • Become a link nurse and develop skills in areas such as audit
  • Partake in local wellbeing initiatives.
  • Opportunities to work alongside specialist nurses, gaining expertise that will positively impact on your nursing practice and career progression.





  • Postgraduate course in Palliative Care.
  • Postgraduate course in Infection Control
  • Acute Life Threatening Events and Recognition (ALERT) course.
  • Fundamentals in Haematology/Oncology programme.
  • Clinical leadership for staff nurses programme.

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