Patient Experience

Patient Experience

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Victor Synge Ward is an acute general medical ward specialising in endocrinology, dermatology and rheumatology. The ward has thirty-one beds comprising of four six-bedded wards, six single isolation rooms and one negative pressure isolation room. This ward also has a radio – iodine specialist room. Nursing care is delivered by patient allocation. 

  • Pressure area care: Victor Synge Ward was voted the Pressure Ulcer Champion Ward in 2021.
  • Quality initiatives: We were the pilot site for the 1:1 Enhanced Care Observation initiative in St James’s Hospital.
  • Infection Control: Our knowledgeable staff recently won the in-house staff competition on infection prevention and control.

Patient feedback:

“All the staff are very helpful and professional, they make me feel very calm and safe here.”

“I am so grateful for the care and kindness shown to me by all the staff, they go above and beyond for all their patients, keep up the good work.”

Staff testimonials

“Our ward is an inexplicably safe and sound environment to work in. Staff are well supported and I enjoy being part of such a superb team.”

“I love working on Victor Synge Ward, such a great team and I feel very supported. They help me develop professionally and I am gaining a lot of acute care experience.”.

  • Opportunities for upskilling and further education in relation to endocrinology and dermatology.
  • Training provided for care of patients with epidermolysis bullosa (EB).
  • Gain experience in specialist nursing pertaining to care of patients with thyroid cancer.
  • Care of patients requiring iodine treatments.
  • Clinical support from clinical practice facilitators (CPFs) and ward-based staff who have specialist training in endocrinology.
  • Quality-focused unit where all initiatives are supported and encouraged by management.
  • Flexible hours, self-rostering and internal transfer opportunities.
  • Education programme for healthcare assistants, new graduates, adaptation nurses and staff nurses.
  • Medical/ surgical course.
  • Venepuncture and cannulation training.
  • Diabetes Link Nurse programme.
  • Postgraduate/ Masters Degree programme in Endocrinology

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