Patient Experience

Patient Experience

About us

The Research and Innovation (R&I) Office is an innovative initiative aimed at proactively working to promote research and to build a strong research culture in St James’s Hospital.

The R&I Office has oversight of hospital-based research activity to ensure that the wellbeing and rights of hospital patients and staff, as well as the hospital’s resources, are safeguarded at all times.

Support is provided to researchers on various aspects of the research process including ethics application submission, patient information leaflet development and advice on research-related data protection issues (in conjunction with the Data Protection Office).

The office also aims to promote and raise awareness of the importance of research to our patients.

The R&I Steering Group oversees and supports the activities undertaken by the Research and Innovation Office. This group has a wide representation from different disciplines.


Programme Manager, Catherine Ludden: (01) 410 3904

Administrator, Danielle Keane: (01) 415 1978