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  • A SIFT is an x-ray examination of the small bowel. For this examination, you will be required to drink a liquid dye called Barium.

  • You must fast from midnight the night before the examination.

  • Yes, however, diabetics who are fasting are advised to alter their insulin intake appropriately.

  • The radiologist will give you a small cup of liquid medication to speed up removal of Barium from your stomach. Next you will be handed to containers (200 mls each) of diluted Barium to drink at your own pace. Twenty minutes after both containers have been drunk you will have an x-ray of your abdomen taken. This will allow the radiologist to see how far the Barium has moved through your bowel. Once the Barium has reached a certain point of your bowel you will be brought into the procedure room and live x-rays will be taken by the radiologist. You may be required to move around on the x-ray table during this time.

  • No.

  • The length of the examination depends on how quickly the Barium passes through the bowel, typically 2-5 hrs. It is advised to bring a good book with you.

  • You may eat as soon as the examination is over. You should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink extra fluids, to remove any left over barium from the bowel. Your bowels may appear white, from the barium, over the next few days but this is perfectly normal.

  • The results will be sent to your doctor who will also discuss them with you.