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Ultrasound Pelvic Ultrasound (uterus, ovaries, prostate gland and bladder)

An ultrasound scan of the pelvis looks at the uterus, ovaries and bladder in females. In males, a pelvic scan focuses on the prostate and the bladder.

  • There is no need to fast before the exam. In order to perform an ultrasound scan of the pelvis it is necessary that the patient's bladder is full to bursting, i.e., "bursting to go to the loo". To achieve this the patient must drink at least one and a half pints of water or whatever is necessary for him/her to reach a limit of "bursting". Unfortunately, should a patient's bladder not be filled to "bursting", this may result in the appointment being rescheduled.

  • The patient is asked to lie on the ultrasound table, the abdomen is exposed and some warm gel is placed on it. A small probe which produces the sound waves will then be moved over the patient's skin to examine the organs of the body.

  • An ultrasound scan does not involve the use of x-rays and is a simple, painless procedure.

  • The results will be sent to your referring doctor who will discuss the results with you.