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Ultrasound Scan of Thyroid Gland, Parotid Gland, Breast and Testes

The ultrasound examination we use to look at the thyroid gland, parotid gland, breast and testes is known as a "small parts scan". It focuses on detecting abnormalities in these areas and also in other superficial areas of the body.

  • There is no preparation needed for these ultrasound scans.

  • The patient is asked to lie on the ultrasound table and then the area to be examined is exposed. Some warmed ultrasound gel is placed on the area and a small probe which produces sound waves will then be moved over the patient's skin.

  • An ultrasound scan does not involve the use of X-rays and is a simple, painless procedure.

  • The results will be sent to your referring doctor who will discuss the results with you.