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Exercise Summary Booklet

WARNING: If you experience pain or any unusual symptoms while performing the exercises contained in this booklet, please consult your doctor or your physiotherapist.

    • Pick time which suits you most days
    • Wait at least an hour after a meal
    • Wait for at least an hour after cardiac tablets
    • Time walk for mildest part of the day if possible. If it’s very cold or windy, wrap up!
    • If you have diabetes, do not exercise on an empty stomach
    • If you have chest pain or palpitations
    • Feel overtired, unwell or very breathless
    • Feel light-headed, dizzy or faint
    • Have a viral infection or fever
    • Develop a muscle injury
  • Warm-Up: 10 minutes

    • Slow, comfortable pace
    • Breathing is easy

    Exercise Session: 30 – 40 minutes Breathless but should be able to talk

    Treadmill  5 mins 
    Cross Trainer  5 mins 
    Rowing Machine  5 mins 
    Bike  5 mins 
    Ball 5 mins

    Weights (speak to gym instructor before starting)
    Arm Weights Reps: 10-15 (max 20)
    Leg Press Reps: 10-15 (max 20)

    Cool Down: 10 minutes

    • Slow stroll, comfortable pace
    • Breathing easy
  • How breathless should I be when exercising?

    BORG Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale

    • Stretches should not be painful
    • Only push until you feel a stretch and hold the stretch for 10 seconds
    • Do not “bounce” your stretches
    • Stretches should be done before and after each exercise session

    Car-Stretches1 Car-Stretches2car-Stretches3

  • Warm-Up: 10 minutes

    • Slow, comfortable pace
    • Breathing easy

    Brisk Exercise: 30 – 40 minutes

    • Speed up to a pace that makes you a little breathless but not gasping
    • Should be able to talk comfortably at all times

    Cool Down: 10 minutes

    • Slow, comfortable pace
    • Breathing easy
    • Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructors:
    • Dublin City Council over 60s/over 65s discount scheme. Discounts for over 60s and over 65s for gym membership and pay as you go options in Dublin city gyms. Check local gym website for further information and
    • Active Retirement Ireland - The purpose of Active Retirement Ireland is to enable retired people to enjoy a full and active life. (01) 873 3836
      • A wide range of interesting activities
      • Sporting activities, both indoor and outdoor
      • Support and information
    • Go For Life - Promotes sport and physical activity for older people.
      South East Dublin: Martina O’Hanlon (01) 201 4296
      South Dublin: Caroline Peppard (01) 463 2813 
    • FitLine – a volunteer-led telephone-based motivation line which encourages callers to get more active
      1800 303 545 (Freephone)