Patient Experience

Patient Experience

The Urology Department is a secondary and tertiary referral centre that provides a multidisciplinary service which focuses on the diagnosis and management of patients with conditions associated with the male and female urinary tract and male reproductive system including; kidney, bladder, prostate, testicles and penis. This includes cancers and also issues relating to benign conditions including but not limited to: benign prostate hypertrophy, renal stones, interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome.

The Specialist Urology Team is comprised of surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, nurse specialists and secretarial support. The team works together to ensure patients are seen and investigated as promptly as possible, and once diagnosed, receive the highest-quality individually planned treatment and care.

  • The Urology Service includes:

    • Consultant-led assessment and review clinics
    • A team of specialist urology nurses who attend all the clinics and are available to answer patient queries or concerns directly
    • Nurse-led clinics including but not limited to: urinary/supra-pubic catheter care, intravesical treatment instillations, LUTS assessment, magnetic stent removal & trial without catheter clinics
    • Weekly multidisciplinary meetings, where each patient’s management plan is discussed and agreed
    • Direct referral service to the National Rapid Access Prostate Clinics
    • Access to a range of physical and psychological support services
    • A part-time urology data manager.
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    Via post:

    Urology Department
    St James's Hospital
    Dublin 8

    Alternatively, you can email a referral to

    Referrals to the Rapid Access Prostate Clinic should be made via the National Prostate Cancer GP Referral Form.

    National Prostate GP Guidelines

  • Before an appointment is scheduled, all referrals received in the Urology Department are reviewed by a consultant urologist and patients are prioritised based on clinical urgency to be seen.

    New patient appointments

    All patient referrals by a GP or another consultant are reviewed by a consultant urologist and each case is prioritised based on clinical need and then appointments are allocated. Patients are notified of their appointment date and time either by post or by telephone.

    Return patient appointments

    Return appointments are made at the time of attendance at the clinic or by calling the urology secretaries directly.

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